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City staff recommend looking into privatizing garbage collection in Scarborough – Toronto Star`

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Dear Toronto City Council: 

Are you guys stupid? It is plain and simple that Toronto should not privatize waste collection. However it seems like I may need to go into deeper detail as to why! 

My three reasons are participation in private waste collection, Participation in waste collection will go down, this will impact this the environment and lastly what this activity will do to our economy. 

First of all when you privatize waste collection you are going to lower participation. Why is participation going to go down? We are going to drive heavy costs for garbage collection rather than taking it from city taxes. Then we are going to see people not pay for stuff like garbage tags, garbage removal or cleaning. It is a simple business principle. When you put cost where none was you lower the demand for the service. 

Secondly people stop participating in removing waste. What do you think this does to our environment? When people stop disposing of their garbage properly the streets become littered, property values go down. Then when property goes down the economy of Toronto is affected negatively. 

How is the economy going to go down with a street full of litter? Do you think wealthy people like to go to garbage filled streets to buy goods or services? The answer is no. So that results in people avoiding certain areas, people losing geographic foot traffic and businesses losing once positive atmospheres. 

Is privatizing waste collection going to lower taxes? Absolutely it will lower taxes. Is it worth the impact on the environment, community and economy? No, on the market we do not need the government to retract right now. As the government is one of our most useful institutions in Canada we need them to keep expanding their reach within our communities. Until institutions can deliver the effective programs the government has.

To conclude,

John Tory

Do not privatize our waste collection! If cutbacks are the goals, do something else!  

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