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Free speaking unrehearsed rant on how we consume the news. 

The North American News media needs to be shut down, shut out and charged for the following. Inciting public unease, misinforming the public and reaching an already uneasy mass population with messaging they can’t begin to understand. 


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Donald Trump has called Fake News “The enemy of the people.” Bingo, put it everywhere. It is bad enough the news does not state their matter of opinion, stakes in political parties and I believe is largely responsible and should be charged for inciting the riots in the North American people. 

This mass chaos you think you should blame Trump for, but the media has created the panic. Here are some examples of things that should of never been in the press to begin with. 

  1. Donald Trump Renames Black History month – This never happened… I don’t even think he decides things like this. 
  2. Big Travel Ban Lie – A story on a man who flied to Iraq to get his mother medical attention. The man lied about his mom’s death date and travel date. 
  3. Fake association with Russia – The hacks supposedly that won Donald Trump the election WERE IMPOSSIBLE. Conspiracy theories of internet mad men! Why are they lies? To hack an election you have to hack the systems of multiple states. That is how the US system works. 

You can’t read the news and substitute an education in Political Science, Economics, Business administration and finance. So what happens when someone talks to me about the News? If they aren’t a business or finance student I shut them out. 

Fake News is out of control, Send an email to me and support the news ban in our political system from invalid sources. 

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