Socialized process.png

The above picture is a link to my Instagram page. If you attend Seneca College you probably see the process of the Student elections happening. 

A process the Businessphere has been following quite closely. However having talked to the candidates here are some changes being speculated for the next Seneca Student Federation election to come.

  1. No pictures in the digital voting process – Yes in order to fight discrimination, the system is at it again with another unnecessary change. Why dress up? Be formal? Or even have presentation skills? People are going to vote for a piece of text instead! The idea is stupid as hell and only serves to make the students more blind in future ballads. 
  2. Further socialized promotional practices– They already have to put their posters beside their competitors making the promotional act of hanging a poster stupid in the first place! Now it is being said that there will be further restrictions on SSF promotions for elections to move forward. Is this all in the interest of fairness? Or all in the interest of easy wins? 

Everyone having their poster in the same spot is the same as no one having their poster up…

What the election system actually needs? 

  • Candidate websites – MOST PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE CANDIDATE PLATFORMS! They are insulting college level intelligence by not offering a solid backing to their cliche Student campaign promises. By the way Everyone on the same website is the same as everyone not having a website! 
  • A Panel – Put the candidates side by side with their competitors and lets have discussion. See who shines through! 
  • More journalism – There needs to be an information release on wins, losses & etc. We need to distribute the information through Facebook or WordPress so that information is more public. 


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