Point of sale machines & E-Commerce shops


Are you a business that has or is thinking about having Interac and debit payment solution? OR maybe an E-Commerce shop solution,  Here are some things to consider: 

  • How stable is your internet service? – Through many WiFi & Ethernet providers, I have worked for. In certain areas, we did not provide the internet that was supportive enough for certain businesses payment processing needs. Hit or miss internet services, should not set up payment processing machines! 
  • Does your customer flow warrant this solution? – Introduction phase businesses should avoid these solutions. If you have a large customer flow an E-Commerce solution can be fantastic. Or even just to better process your sales & product showcase. However… If you are setting up all of your business appointments, quotes, and sales yourself still at this point. Then maybe you do not need an E-Commerce solution. Companies still in a growth marketing phase may want to avoid paying E-Commerce fees while growing their social networks rather than piling expenses that can kill your business! 
  • How Supportive is your environment? – Some business environments don’t support WiFi & some areas barely support internet. If you are in an area with under developed wires or consistently down lines. The last thing you want is to start making your business rely on online solutions. The fact is the companies that provide your internet are not going to refund your business inconveniences when your service goes out! They are going to refund a partial payment of your service. So your internet service can become a detriment to your service which is why you must have a backup plan that is practical and affordable for when your internet goes down! 
  • How secure is your solution? – Is your solution being updated on time, has your Commerce solution had a hacking scandal recently? How was it addressed? 

The problems with off shoring & outsourcing call centers.

Ashton Deroy writes: Off shoring & outsourcing are legitimate business practices used frequent by fortune companies especially in the practice of setting up call centers. This allows the company to focus on their stock price, product development & Public image. However this has been mentioned to be a practice that economically annoys the public, antagonizes business customers and even shatters customer relationships with companies in some cases. What is wrong with the practice of outsourcing? Why is it damaging companies instead of bringing in benefits & furthering the companies?

Honesty & Transparency– Why is outsourcing perceived as dishonest? Think about it the representative is not working really to satisfy the customers. They are working to satisfy the needs or goals of the “Client”. In fact frequently when I was in call centers I struggled with seeing the line between “Doing the right thing” & “Pleasing the client”. What is created here is an environment where you try to please everyone and end up pleasing no one! The customer feels like they have no idea where your interests are at, then the client is mad because they have low customer satisfaction in some cases lower than their internal customer service teams!

(In call centers clients & company representatives rely on multiple sometimes contradicting key performance indicators to evaluate business success.)

They also randomize representatives to customers. Rather than provide direct lines which would establish connection and ensure customer resolution.  This process has frequently made me think the customer & representative relationship was much too unfamiliar.

Outsourced call interests.png

What is the better way to do this? The Employees should work directly with the client & customers. Why do it this way? The vendor has you work with company administrators who just become too many people. With a direct line to the employee/employees they can communicate common issues, trade negotiate concerns directly with the company reps & become self-empowered to resolve any customer issues. 

Customer perspective “I have my favorite StarBucks Barista on Facebook! Why can’t I have a direct line to a call center rep I like?”

Over estimation of external tools – Ever supported a 24/7 call center from the cubicle position? Then you know what I am talking about! You cannot run computers, software &other machines all day every day without the systems starting to go to shit. Call centers should NOT be making a 24/7 service promise. For reasons of business limitations, human limitations and tech limitations. Besides this a 24/7 call center requires employees to often work longer hours which wears employees down & increases company churn. If you want a 24/7 operation you should be sorting it out with many call centers taking a chunk of time. Not a bunch of call centers taking 24/7. Customer relationship management software, servers & dialers also start to fail after so much time in use. Which can make it feel like you are helping people with your arms tied behind your back. 

Over promising the employees We tried addressing this issues with meetings at my last job but an over promise is an over promise if no resolution is made. So what do I mean by over promising employees? Service contracts are negotiated between clients & call center companies. It is no wonder so many service terms on these contracts are violated as some of the promises have nothing to do with company infrastructure and everything to do with how many call center employees that show up for that day! Call center employees really try to make employers aware when things aren’t working but often it isn’t enough with their personal interests contradicting the interests of the business. Often this results in the business booking employee hours that employees are not willing to complete. Which can result in employee churn & schedule non-compliance.

What could resolve this? Democratically elected employee representatives. The Union is dead in North America and it is really a shame! If someone was writing down legitimate employee concerns & taking them to an admin they might just fix some of the employee issues. 

Honestly though despite the challenges of the job, call centers are the job of the future. No matter what line of business you work in you will have to provide customer support & resolution. If a center was able to meet my economic needs, or my scheduling needs. It may be the long term job for me. 

Need Customer support to your website, Facebook or other social media? Why not hire someone with experience? 

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Tell me about desired processes, Goals, Key performance indicators, possible security interests & common resolutions. I may be the fit to support your business from digital, telephone & social media platforms. 


Global Security chit chat & cool Business Management assignments.


Ashton Deroy Writes “I heard this morning about the attack that left 5 dead near British Parliament from 680 News. This is deeply saddening and tragic news that we are still facing these acts of hate in 2017.” 


It takes a special kind of lunatic to say “I am going to make a statement of defiance by killing people with my car!” If you really feel that defiant don’t join a cult movement. Take up drinking… Like normal people!”Satirical commentary on the above event. 

Diana UK.png

Diana & I talk.png

Diana Skye writes: I was very saddened to hear about what happened in London. While there have been terrorist attacks all over Europe in recent years, the UK was largely spared from them. It just goes to show you are never completely safe from these heartless and selfish terrorists.

Even in Canada there have been attacks, notably the one in Ottawa in 2014 and the incident Ashton and I discussed above. That was when a terrorist attacker wielding a knife went into a military recruitment centre in Toronto and stabbed two soldiers. He also attempted to stab Ashton’s aunt who worked there. Fortunately none of the injuries were serious.

My thoughts go out to London and everyone affected by such senseless attacks.

Organizational Culture Study for Business Management Class. 

Ashton Deroy Writes Now to move on to some cool Business School assignments I wanted to share with Blog readers.

What is Organizational Culture? According to works cited in the PDF Organizational culture is defined as,  A set of values, beliefs & attitudes possessed by employees of a company.

The major players we found in Organizational culture were:

    • Terrence Deal and Allan A.Kennedy  – They proposed one of the first models of organizational culture. Terrence was a University professor at the University of California.
    • Eric Sinoway – A writer who writes boldly for Harvard Business Review that top performers who hurt employee culture should be fired.
    • James Wolfensohn – A former investment banker who said re-staffing management roles was the best way to change organizational structure in a company.

Biography on Eric Sinoway


Biography on James Wolfensohn 


Biography on Allan A.Kennedy 


Below is a PDF on Organizational Culture.

Organizational Culture


One cool thing I found on the work for successful Organizational Cultures, is that they have a lot of affirmative action. A company wants to cut out the cancers so that the life that is the company can live with the highest quality. Alot this statement stems from the investment banker James Wolfensohn’s work in organizational culture structure in the investment banking section of finance.

On thing a professor repeats to me consistently is this. “You can’t soar with eagles, when you fly with chickens.” I apply this to work relationships, friendships & choice of romantic partners.

I have seen what being passive gets you from years of watching loved ones get screwed over by toxic relationships, friendships & relatives. So why bring that crap to work?