3 points on Liberal Party of Canada’s 29 Steps forward content.


Written by Ashton Deroy: Well for those who don’t know I follow the Liberal Party of Canada’s website. https://go.liberal.ca/  This is where I saw the 29 steps forward video that says 29 amazing things that have been achieved under the current Canadian government administration. Here I will highlight on three important and significant steps being made in 2017 that greatly benefit Canada historically, socially & economically.

Pricing carbon pollution – While the United States has pulled out the G20 and not pledged to reduce carbon emissions. Canada is still taking action for a cleaner & better environment. More can be done, but Canada is on the right track. Stimulation to clean environmental initiatives is both beneficial historically and economically. As green business creates more jobs & historically this is when Canada chose to align with much of Europe when the United States chose to be contrarian to this.

Prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression – When the United States President announced bans on Transgendered people serving in the army, Canada has been protecting transgendered persons rights to employment, income and recognition. Canada is also not as deeply involved with the great “Transgender bathroom debate!” Given there should be no real debate here. “Let them take a shit!”

Introduced a bill to legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana – This is an essential movement as well and the backbone of the Liberal campaign. The new laws around marijuana will make access easier, get money out of drug dealer hands & introduce a new stream of government revenue. Not to mention attract 420 loving tourists, once the recreational system is in place.

3 Amazing things you didn’t know about Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette.

Governor General.jpeg


Blogged by Ashton Deroy: July 13th 2017, I am reading the huffington post for the first time ever about Canada’s amazing governor general Julie Payette. In case you didn’t know, this woman has lived an incredible life. Apart from being in the government she is a philanthropist, an advocate for positive technological movements & a lifetime explorer. Here are three things you didn’t know about Julie Payette.

  1. Julie Payette was the first Canadian woman to go to the International Space Station in 1999. She went up a second time in 2009.
  2. Payette was awarded an honorary doctorate of science (DSc) from the University of Lethbridge in 2005. (According to WikiPedia)
  3. Although she is a woman governor general she is not the first woman to hold this role. Julie Payette is the fourth woman to hold the role of governor general in Canada.

To conclude Julie Payette is an incredible woman with a spectacular adventure that lead her to being Canada’s fourth woman to hold the title of Governor General. However I am a huge fan and I do hope this is not the last time we do see her in the news. As you know from previously reviewing Space Between Us & comments on space documentaries on YouTube. I am a huge fan of space travel in both fiction and real life. Which has made me a fan of Julie Payette.


CHIASSON, PAUL . “Julie Payette Named Next Governor General Of Canada.” Huffington post. N.p., 13 July 2017. Web. 13 July 2017. <Huffington Post article >. This is the article that taught me about the incredible journey of Canada’s fourth female governor general Julie Payette from space to government. This article highlights some but not all of this woman’s incredible life journey to being appointed Canada’s governor general. The article was published by PAUL CHIASSON/CANADIAN PRESS and I have to say for the Huffington Post it is a well written article. Previously in other political coverage I have accused this Newspaper of being sensationalist and bluntly wrong in some cases.


Wikipedia. “Julie Payette.” Wikipedia. N.p., 13 July 2017. Web. 13 July 2017. This is the Wikipedia article that informed me about Julie Payette’s educational background, honors achieved & Space flight experience. From this Wikipedia entry you can really gather more on Julie Payette’s incredible journey to such an honorable position within Canada. Wikipedia is a website with multiple contributors per entry so we were not able to include an author credit to this as Wikipedia indexes multiple references, from multiple contributors to ensure accuracy of Wikipedia entries.


Canadian tea

The Russian conspiracy is garbage but there are totally valid reasons to hate Donald Trump!

Thoughts on the Trump Russian Conspiracy theory!.png


Tucker, Eric. “Trump tells Russians Comey was a ‘nut job’; Comey set to testify.” 680 News. N.p., 19 May 2017. Web. 20 May 2017. <680 News Trump dealing with Russian conspiracy theory/>. Here it is again another news article with Trump dealing with the Russian conspiracy everyone is so sure is real! So here is what happened James Comey head of FBI thought he had been developing a case to prove Donald Trump used Russian to sway the election. Well if that is the case Russia did a pretty terrible job! If you are going to hack the election you figure you would give yourself the god damn popular vote!

These democrat sensationalists you will see reading this article don’t even make sense when it comes to Donald Trump. I mean you don’t like him? “Fine! I don’t like him, but lets put out some sensible reasons and build a real case for this destructive moron. “

James Comey is a moron, he was under the employ of Donald Trump. He opens a Russian conspiracy case, finds nothing, riles up the public and then Trump fires him when Comey really should be fined for causing a public panic. 

The truth about the approval of the United States President 

1000 people took part in a march around the Trump tower. Canadians felt the need to show solidarity with American protesters to show a unified opinion against Donald Trump. For the most part, it was a peaceful protest, unlike others that have been seen. However, you can tell by the tone of the protestors they think trump is a liar, an anarchist, and a man out for destruction. One woman even goes as far to say he has always represented the upper class and she doesn’t know why people think he will be a warrior for the middle class. 

I mean and some people are going to say this is Canada, not the United States. We shouldn’t have an opinion on the American official. However, since being president he has been offending Canadians by pressing on us to lighten our dairy regulations to sell American-made cheese. Is it not bad enough we have American oil? Why does Canada need to further the revenue of American dairy farmers? 

Why don’t I like Donald Trump? 

Listen in dealing with Syria, it is one thing to stop taking in Syrian refugees. It is totally another thing to stop allowing Syrian refugees in your country and destroy their home! I would have supported both actions separately either nuking Syria for military reasons or just stopping refugee entry for security purposes. However, those actions together show a total lacking for human compassion. The United States is basically destroying Syria and taking no responsibility for the lives ruined and that is terrifying! 

The other thing is the general public does not like this man, the North American people do not trust this man. How much is he really going to be empowered to do over his term? There is still a chance in 4 years the country just shakes him off like water on a dog and Democrats move forward to just fix his mess. That is honestly my bet for 4 years from now. 


Donate to make sure this moron survives one term! 

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Should Toronto Pride 2017 lose their grant over police scandal?

Should Toronto Pride lose their grant-.png

This is a reply to CP24

Fox, Chrs. “LGBTQ officers call on city to cut annual grant given to Pride.” CP 24. N.p., 19 Apr. 2017. Web. 30 Apr. 2017. <Should Pride lose their grant? CP24 Article >. This article is a reply to the CP24 article on LGBTQ officers coming out to saying the city should cut funding to Toronto Pride over discontinuing the OPP float. The article goes on to mention that the organization is given a $260,000 grant for Pride. The article states that the police feel it is unacceptable the stance the Toronto Pride has taken with the police force & the article discusses the details of the organization giving in to a radical organization.

Ashton Deroy writes: Something needs to happen about the wrong moves being made with Toronto Pride in 2016/2017. Weather it is removing the board, getting better members or someone from the city leveraging power, saying give the police a float or lose this power. Yes something should happen! 

Should they lose a $260,000 grant though? That is tough to say. What is the grant for? If the grant is for funding a massive tourism attraction. No Toronto Pride should not lose this grant. However if the grant is to allow for involvement from the province, city & etc at all capacities in the parade. Yes the grant should be revoked from Toronto Pride. 

Grant purpose– The grant is setup as a cultural attractions grant for tourism. So no the grant should not be pulled from Toronto Pride. It is unfortunate that this will not be what the police force is able to leverage but I do encourage them to continue to speak up about their disliking for Pride’s treatment towards them in 2016-2017. 

As far as the grant goes, I doubt Toronto is going to axe this grant as there are massive cultural benefits to the city from being able to have this event every year. 

So are you unhappy about the lack of solidarity between Pride & the Police force? I demand passionate readers contact Toronto Pride & speak up about this issue.

Pride Toronto Save The Date Festival Weekend June 23rd-25th

Phone  416-927-7433
Email  office@pridetoronto.com

Seneca Student Federation Process becoming over socially regulated.

Socialized process.png

The above picture is a link to my Instagram page. If you attend Seneca College you probably see the process of the Student elections happening. 

A process the Businessphere has been following quite closely. However having talked to the candidates here are some changes being speculated for the next Seneca Student Federation election to come.

  1. No pictures in the digital voting process – Yes in order to fight discrimination, the system is at it again with another unnecessary change. Why dress up? Be formal? Or even have presentation skills? People are going to vote for a piece of text instead! The idea is stupid as hell and only serves to make the students more blind in future ballads. 
  2. Further socialized promotional practices– They already have to put their posters beside their competitors making the promotional act of hanging a poster stupid in the first place! Now it is being said that there will be further restrictions on SSF promotions for elections to move forward. Is this all in the interest of fairness? Or all in the interest of easy wins? 

Everyone having their poster in the same spot is the same as no one having their poster up…

What the election system actually needs? 

  • Candidate websites – MOST PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE CANDIDATE PLATFORMS! They are insulting college level intelligence by not offering a solid backing to their cliche Student campaign promises. By the way Everyone on the same website is the same as everyone not having a website! 
  • A Panel – Put the candidates side by side with their competitors and lets have discussion. See who shines through! 
  • More journalism – There needs to be an information release on wins, losses & etc. We need to distribute the information through Facebook or WordPress so that information is more public. 


The North American News media should be shut down.

Fake News Problem.png

Free speaking unrehearsed rant on how we consume the news. 

The North American News media needs to be shut down, shut out and charged for the following. Inciting public unease, misinforming the public and reaching an already uneasy mass population with messaging they can’t begin to understand. 


Avoid communications dinosaurs.png

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The guardian.png

Donald Trump has called Fake News “The enemy of the people.” Bingo, put it everywhere. It is bad enough the news does not state their matter of opinion, stakes in political parties and I believe is largely responsible and should be charged for inciting the riots in the North American people. 

This mass chaos you think you should blame Trump for, but the media has created the panic. Here are some examples of things that should of never been in the press to begin with. 

  1. Donald Trump Renames Black History month – This never happened… I don’t even think he decides things like this. 
  2. Big Travel Ban Lie – A story on a man who flied to Iraq to get his mother medical attention. The man lied about his mom’s death date and travel date. 
  3. Fake association with Russia – The hacks supposedly that won Donald Trump the election WERE IMPOSSIBLE. Conspiracy theories of internet mad men! Why are they lies? To hack an election you have to hack the systems of multiple states. That is how the US system works. 

You can’t read the news and substitute an education in Political Science, Economics, Business administration and finance. So what happens when someone talks to me about the News? If they aren’t a business or finance student I shut them out. 

Fake News is out of control, Send an email to me and support the news ban in our political system from invalid sources. 

How to judge a conservative government?


It feels like a cliche to say but if you judge a Conservative government with Liberal eyes. You are going to go blind every time. So what are five proper categories to examine the effectiveness of a right wing leader? During this article do leave a Liberal critique because we are talking about the right side, not the left wing values exclusively, for once. 

So in order to determine how to judge the right side I will say how we judge the left side. 

  • Social environment progression. Immigration being modernized, LGBT+ movements. Small Business focus. 
  • Progressing Green energy programs
  • Government programs for subsidizing the economy. Such as Health care, fixing roads and providing essential services. 
  • Furthering international alliances 
  • Managing an expensive healthcare and educational system.

This is all wonderful and why, I personally am a left wing. However I do value the right side as well. Why is that? 

Here is how you judge someone from a right wing party. 

  • The ability to balance government books. 
  • Cutting back government involvement in infrastructure therefore relying with cities they need to rely on institutions and individuals. (LOWER TAXES) YAY! 😀 
  • Protecting your country’s interests in international trade.
  • Ability to utilize military in Global acquisition of resources & deal with hostilities. 
  • The ability to attract exterior stimulation to the internal national market rather than focussing on developing global trade. 

Now I realize for some this messaging is going to fall on deaf ears and that is fine. For me personally as an observer of American culture in 2017. I know I will be judging Trump for what he can do as a head of the conservative side of the Political spectrum. Not judging him with Liberal Goggles. (he is not a Liberal.) “Period” different moral code people! 



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Should Toronto Privatize Waste collection?

Should Toronto Privatize Waste Collection- .png

City staff recommend looking into privatizing garbage collection in Scarborough – Toronto Star`

Click the blue above to read more on this pressing issue!  

Dear Toronto City Council: 

Are you guys stupid? It is plain and simple that Toronto should not privatize waste collection. However it seems like I may need to go into deeper detail as to why! 

My three reasons are participation in private waste collection, Participation in waste collection will go down, this will impact this the environment and lastly what this activity will do to our economy. 

First of all when you privatize waste collection you are going to lower participation. Why is participation going to go down? We are going to drive heavy costs for garbage collection rather than taking it from city taxes. Then we are going to see people not pay for stuff like garbage tags, garbage removal or cleaning. It is a simple business principle. When you put cost where none was you lower the demand for the service. 

Secondly people stop participating in removing waste. What do you think this does to our environment? When people stop disposing of their garbage properly the streets become littered, property values go down. Then when property goes down the economy of Toronto is affected negatively. 

How is the economy going to go down with a street full of litter? Do you think wealthy people like to go to garbage filled streets to buy goods or services? The answer is no. So that results in people avoiding certain areas, people losing geographic foot traffic and businesses losing once positive atmospheres. 

Is privatizing waste collection going to lower taxes? Absolutely it will lower taxes. Is it worth the impact on the environment, community and economy? No, on the market we do not need the government to retract right now. As the government is one of our most useful institutions in Canada we need them to keep expanding their reach within our communities. Until institutions can deliver the effective programs the government has.

To conclude,

John Tory

Do not privatize our waste collection! If cutbacks are the goals, do something else!  

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