Update on my open letter to Poland

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Diana Skye writes:

Note: this post is an update on my open letter to Poland. If you haven’t read that, I would encourage you to do so. You can find that here:

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About six months ago, I published an open letter to Poland. It was about how I still love the country but am frustrated with their current government. They have been trying to implement backwards policy changes like a total ban on abortions. They are also supported by extremist Catholic radio station Radio Maryja. The event that inspired me to write the open letter was a ridiculous policy change that personally affected me. I have a Polish citizenship but my Polish passport expired over seven years ago. Therefore, I couldn’t travel there unless I wanted to risk getting stuck in the country for weeks. My only other options were a new passport or canceling my citizenship.

In this update, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that things have not gotten any better in Poland. The government continues to make crappy decisions in spite of many protests. I keep hoping for some dramatic event that will cause a government change or at least put the country back on the right track. It’s highly unlikely, but a girl can dream. I know that major progress doesn’t happen overnight. I don’t expect marriage equality or widely available abortions anytime soon. However, I would like Poland to be moving into this century instead of back to the mid-1900’s. They were doing well just a few years ago before the current government came to power.

The good news is that my dilemma has been solved. In my open letter, I mentioned the only reason I was keeping my citizenship was to prevent inheritance issues. Since then, my dad has done some research. It turns out that Poland charges the same amount of inheritance tax regardless of citizenship or residency. Since that is not an issue for me, I am now completely fine with canceling my citizenship.

I am very relieved by this turn of events, even though it’s not without drawbacks. I still have to save money and go to the consulate, but I will be able to do it by the end of the year. The process can take up to two years and I still can’t go to Poland within that time. Silly government doesn’t care if you are in the process of cancellation. You are still a citizen until it’s official. Still I am happy that I have figured a way to get out of this weird limbo.

I will always wish nothing but great things for Poland. In the mean time, I will be glad to get my personal troubles resolved. I do want to visit my family in Poland in the future. Therefore I am very happy to have found a solution that does not involve hoping for the best, traveling to another Schengen country, or asking the Canadian embassy to rescue me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update.

Sassy City Girl reviews, Orphan Black. Watch it now on Crave TV. Tracy Gerhardt’s Love Winx Page.

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Orphan Black is a Canadian sci-fi TV series filmed mostly in Toronto. The fifth and final season started on June 10, 2017. I first came across this show in 2014 and it’s been my favorite ever since. It examines moral issues around cloning, has great characters, and is constantly surprising me. I’m sad that it’s ending, but I have seen what happens to shows that get dragged out so they keep airing. Besides, it will be an amazing season if the first episode was any indication.

Orphan Black centers around a group of female clones all played by Tatiana Maslany. The series opens with con-artist Sarah Manning witnessing a woman commit suicide. She notices that Beth Childs looks exactly like her and steals her purse. She meets several of her clones soon after. At first, Sarah is only interested in Beth’s money, but she grows to care about her sisters. They are fighting threats from the extremely religious Proletheans and the science institute DYAD. A few of the clones also develop a

A few of the clones also develop a mysterious life-threatening illness. The show examines the moral implications of cloning as well as how it affects each sister’s identity. Other clones include soccer mom Alison, scientist Cosima, Ukrainian assassin Helena, and “pro clone” Rachel. Each one has her own personality and struggles.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe they are all portrayed by the same actress. Maslany is extremely talented, doing many different accents flawlessly. The non-clone characters are fantastic as well. Sarah’s biological daughter Kira is very precocious and senses when things are not right. Her foster brother Felix and mother Siobhan have strong personalities yet are very loving. Cosima’s girlfriend Delphine does whatever she feels is best for her even if it compromises their relationship. Alison’s husband Donnie often provides much needed comic relief. I recall a scene where he accidentally killed an antagonist and I couldn’t help laughing.

Another thing that makes the show amazing is unexpected plot twists. I didn’t like Helena in the first season. However, she turned out to have a soft side and is now one of my favorites. Certain characters turn out to have hidden motives or be more involved in the conspiracy than I thought. The genetic original was not who I was expecting at all. There are many emotional moments. One scene in season four had me crying harder than I ever have during a TV show. I even tweeted that I wished I could kill a certain antagonist. However, there are many heartwarming moments too. I really enjoyed the ending of season three where several clones were having dinner together and reminiscing about recent events.

If you have not seen Orphan Black, I highly recommend it. The show deals with moral issues of cloning, has amazing characters with strong bonds, and always surprises you. New episodes air every Saturday at 10 PM on Space and are available on space.ca soon after. Past seasons can be watched on Crave TV. I am excited to see what transpires during the rest of the final season.

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Sassy City Girl’s new logo



About two or three years ago Diana Skye started a blog on WordPress called Sassy City Girl. That actually is still currently her WordPress handle so I made her the first Professionally done logo for the handle refer to the above logo. 

As a thought for a community relations game, I was thinking we could get Diana Skye out & commenting on some Toronto content, bringing that Diana Skye sass I love so much. 

Next Friday she will be writing an article that is to be announced & we plan on doing some work this summer to get the blog up and running & at full capacity. To check out some more of Diana’s work check out the links below & get to know WordPress’ resident Sassy City Girl:


Diana’s ASMR Channel below: 



What is ASMR? Apparently it is whispering & discussing makeup products. When I first listened to it I thought I was having a schizophrenic episode! 


The ItsDianaSkye Channel: 


This channel is her channel for exciting adventures & well more makeup reviews. I have to say for a channel that is supposed to be adventurous she never explores “the wonders that are Jane & Finch!”

For more on Jane & Finch read the article below: 

Armed teen arrested for chasing someone at Jane & Finch  

A teen is faced charges after chasing someone through Jane & Finch with a gun. 

Did you know Diana Skye has been involved with 3 music projects? 



I wonder if I should do a logo for D-$izzle? face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye.png


So to conclude who knows what Diana Skye will do next, will she juggle fire? Will she try heroine with a street gang? Or will she keep the same monotonous routine of enjoying passion Iced tea lemonades & trying new makeup products. Either way she has a blog next Friday so make sure to click through for Friday 12:00pm for Diana’s new blog. 


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Perceptual map of the cosmetics industry.

Perceptual map of makeup industry.png

Written by Diana Skye

This is a perceptual map of popular beauty brands. The further to the right a brand is, the higher the quality of their products. The higher up a brand is, the more expensive they are.

Bottom Left: Wallet-friendly brands with low-quality products

Elf: One of the least expensive makeup brands. While they have some good products, the quality is very hit and miss. I have bad experiences with their eye shadow and brushes. However, I did like the brow kit.

Colourpop: An online-only brand made popular by social media. I have not tried them but seen many reviews on their products. Their first launch of matte liquid lipsticks got very negative reviews, being compared to nail polish on your lips. On the other hand, the satin liquid lipsticks were well received.

Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VCF40kxhJo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrhcu6sVAGQ

Coastal Scents: They started out making large eye shadow palettes, but have since branched out into other products. I used the shimmer palette several years ago. While I liked the variety of shades, some colors worked better than others. Also, there was a lot of glitter fallout.

Bottom Right: Wallet-friendly brands with high-quality products

Wet N Wild: Not only is Wet N Wild very affordable, the quality is comparable to high-end brands. I always say that if you need an inexpensive neutral palette, get Comfort Zone. It has eight high-quality shadows for less than $5. Their lip and cheek products are also very good.

Nyx: Nyx has one of the best color selections I have seen for eye and lip products. I am seldom disappointed by what I try from them. They have expanded quite a bit as there are now Nyx stores in Canada.

Top Left: High-end brands with low-quality products

Kylie Cosmetics: I refuse to buy from Kylie Cosmetics and not just because I dislike the Kardashians. They are owned by the same brand as Colourpop. The lip kits are very similar, but more than double the price. Also, they have had issues with quality control, such as nearly empty liquid lipsticks.

Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJS4AeesAU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxZGf4WoZew

Too Faced: While Too Faced used to be one of my favorite brands, the quality has gone downhill in the past year and a half. The peach line is very inconsistent and a brow product was released in only two shades. The last new release I enjoyed was the Bon Bon’s palette.

Top right: High-end brands with high-quality products

Pixi: Pixi specializes in high-quality natural products. In addition to makeup, there are a lot of skin care products. While it’s available at Target or Shoppers Drug Mart, the prices are higher than drugstore brands. However, I would recommend their skin care to anyone who does not want to splurge on brands at Sephora.

Urban Decay: My first high-end purchase was from Urban Decay and I have loved them every since. Their palettes are well loved for a good reason since they have one of the best eyeshadow formulas. They also make my favorite face highlighter and have over a hundred shades of lipstick.

Kat Von D beauty: This brand was started by the artist of the same name. I have yet to buy a product I dislike from Kat Von D beauty. While the products are expensive, I feel they are worth the money. The liquid lipsticks are my favorite formula.

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Sassy City Girl: Why I prefer Cafes to bars



Written by Diana Skye: Toronto has many bars, especially downtown. However, I seldom go to them. Even as a college student, I spent my evenings reading at home instead of downing shots at a bar. I much prefer going to cafes. The atmosphere is much calmer. Many cafes offer a variety of food and drinks at reasonable prices.

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At bars, people have a tendency to consume a lot of alcohol. It can become very loud, especially when there is a sports event on TV. Not to mention that I don’t enjoy drunk creepy guys hitting on me. Cafes are more relaxed, even when they are crowded. People tend to chat amongst themselves while sipping caffeinated drinks.  

Bars are known for alcoholic drinks and fried foods. Those are not things I want to consume every week end. In fact, I have only had about three hangovers in my entire life.Cocktails can also be quite expensive, at almost ten dollars each. Cafes usually have a great selection of both hot and cold drinks.Even if you are not much of a coffee drinker, you can find other options like herbal tea. Cafes also have great food choices like sandwiches and pastries. Whether you are trying to eat healthy or treating yourself, you will find something you can enjoy.  Bars can be noisy, full of drunk patrons, and alcoholic drinks are usually expensive.

I really enjoy cafes because they have a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of food and drink options. My ideal afternoon includes stopping in a local cafe to enjoy a tasty beverage.  Here are some of my favourite cafes in different parts of Toronto:

Downtown: Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor Street W, west of Bathurst) As the name suggests, this cafe has a variety of board games. There are also card games. In addition to the usual cafe fare, they have sandwiches and salads. Would highly recommend Snakes and Lattes if you want to make plans with friends downtown.

 Uptown: Dufflet (2638 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton) If you like pastries, you will love this cafe. They are well known for their cakes and cookies. I love their cupcakes, especially the double vanilla and pink velvet. There are also the usual hot and cold drinks along with light lunch options.

 East end: D Spot (51 Lebovic Avenue, near Warden and Eglinton) Along with espresso drinks, this Scarborough cafe has many organic loose leaf teas. If you fancy something cold, they have milkshakes and smoothies. They also excel at food options, with a variety of crepes and waffles.  

West end: Coco Bakery (225 The East Mall, north of Dundas) This Etobicoke cafe specializes in European speciality foods, including delicious desserts. I personally recommend the macarons and cakes. They also have excellent espresso drinks and tea.

Sassy City Girl: What is hot? What is gross.

Written by ItsDianaSkye

Sassy City Girl returns.png
Current makeup trends

There are constantly new trends in makeup. Some are really cool, while others are ridiculous. Today I will tell you which current trends I like and dislike.

Trends that I like

Liquid lipsticks

I am all for long lasting and opaque lip colour. It is nice to not have to worry about if your lipstick is still in place. The one drawback is that some formulas can be drying. This can be minimized by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips before application. My favourite is the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick.

Indie brands

A lot of beauty bloggers have been showcasing more indie brands. These are brands that are not owned by a parent company. They are mostly online, but you can find a few in stores. I like indie brands because they usually have a lot of variety and most are cruelty free. My current favourites include Pacifica and Beauty Bakerie.

Warm-toned eye shadows

Many makeup companies have released palettes with a focus on warmer tones. I enjoy wearing copper, peach, and red shades on my eyes. If you don’t feel the need for an entire palette, you can always get one or two single shadows. Urban Decay and Nyx have a fantastic selection of warm tones.

The colour of 2017

I was very disappointed by the two pastel tones of 2016. This year Pantone pleasantly surprised me with greenery, a pretty shade of light green. I am very happy with this choice since green is my favorite colour. Green eye-shadow looks great on a variety skin tone and eye colours.

Trends that I dislike

Sharpie eyebrows

I blame Instagram for this one. Many beauty bloggers are posting photos of themselves with overdone brows. It looks like they have two caterpillars on their forehead. Your brows should look natural and be close to your hair colour. If you have light hair, skip the black eyebrow products!

Colour correcting your entire face

About a year ago, makeup companies released lines of colour correctors. Each colour targets a certain area of concern, like redness and dark circles. Some people felt the need to buy all six or seven shades. Nobody needs all of them. It just makes your face look strange. Chances are you don’t have more than two areas of concern. I have one peach corrector for under my eyes and that’s good enough.

Massive face makeup palettes

These are fantastic for makeup artists, who have to work on a variety of clients. However, they are a waste of space for an average consumer. Not all highlighters, bronzers, or even blushes will look good on one skin tone. If I use a gold highlighter, it will look like I put turmeric on my face. Skip the big palettes and get one shade that works for you.

Strange foundation application methods

I miss the days when it was just brushes and beauty blenders. A new company released a weird silicone applicator, supposedly to save on product. Some bloggers came up with a “life hack”: put your makeup sponge in a condom and it will have a similar effect. What is next, incorporating sex toys in your makeup routine? If you want to avoid wasting product, just use your fingers. They are free!


I think some makeup trends are fabulous, while others are crap. You should create looks you enjoy. Don’t just follow trends and beauty bloggers. Makeup is a way to express yourself, not just look like everyone else.


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Ashton Deroy writes, Rather than integrate the blog with Facebook. Moving forward I want to integrate our work far more with Instagram and Twitter. We will still try to gain traffic from Facebook, however there is a lot more content creation happening on Instagram rather than on Facebook. 

With this in mind I feel Instagram is the place to be if you are doing content creation.