Is religion still interfering with my Human rights?

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Written by Ashton Deroy: Most times if someone brought this topic to my attention, religion versus gay rights. I would shrug it off & say you can have some of the traditions with religion while simultaneously respecting the rights of others. My grandma is a great example of a woman who reads the bible, says grace before meals & loves her openly gay grandsons. However, since moving to Toronto I’ve began noticing that usually where you see religion here, you do not see the same kind of tolerance that I used to see at home. You can see this in publishing with Eugene Peterson a pastor who had his publication on Bible interpretation removed from a book store, Religious activism in Toronto & all of the discreet gay/bisexual men in the city.

First off Eugene Peterson, the pastor who published his interpretations of the bible and said he would perform a same sex marriage is a classic example of religion not upholding the country’s values for human rights. All he had to do was speak publicly about the fact that he would perform a same-sex marriage to a public forum, then the Christian conservative community was refusing to sell his books & questioning whether they should read his words at all. It is a three year education to become a pastor, after which you appear before a congregation that approves you. Should the fact that the man expresses a socially Liberal opinion in Canada, 2017 really remove his value in his community? The second part to this story is that it is kind of hard to believe you can still take heat in Toronto for being an LGBT ally.  What does this interfere with? Well choosing your religion as a public LGBT individual is still a challenge & gaining access to a religious sales channel or business institution is also still a challenge.

Despite the time we live in, & the socially Liberal culture we live in here in Toronto. It still isn’t unusual to see something like this going around!

anti LGBT remarks.jpg

The last thing is with the dating community of Toronto you still see a lot of in the closet discreet Gay & Bisexual men. When you ask 2/3 of them why they are in the closet what do you get? One person says “most of the time you are going to get from most of them that they are from religious families that condemn same sex relationships.” So rather than cut ties with their family they choose to live discreetly and rather unhappy to avoid losing family ties, financial support or even love in some cases!  What does this do? Well this becomes a hurdle to me a gay man looking to have an open, honest same sex relationship, which is one of my rights. 



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Now it isn’t all bad in the religion versus human rights argument. Toronto has a massive presence with pro-LGBT Jewish people who frequently make public statements of acceptance & love. Many of these people even share stories of LGBT relatives & how their faith adapts to LGBT rights. So while Christianity can sometimes seem a bit too conservative you can see Jewish people are much more left socially.

Yes it does look like in 2017 in Toronto Ontario Canada. Religion does still step on my rights as a gay man & forces many men to hide in the closet. However I think the Jewish Canadians can lead the way in practicing religion with acceptance and forming more open institutions.



Corent, Michael. “The wrong message on same sex marriage: Coren.” Toronto Star, 30 July 2017, Accessed 25 Sept. 2017.

 Bad things happen once again for a religious pastor who went public backing same sex marriage. This article published July 2017 tells Eugene Peterson story of having his book removed from religious bookstores because he said publicly that when he was a pastor he would perform a same sex marriage.The incident has now had his book The Message removed from right wing religious bookstores & has people asking in the religious Christian community, should we be reading Eugene Peterson books?



Why some people need to turn the lights out on Technology.

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Ashton Deroy discusses society’s over dependence on technology and personal solutions to rebuilding his own life.

In general in the past I have described over use of technology as the killer for intimate relationships, positive feelings about career & the end of close knit families. Although that doesn’t mean I have enforced the cell phones off dinner yet!  I used to have a job in Kingston and this one colleague would invite me to hang out for lunch frequently then call her girlfriend on her phone whilst ignoring me. This got to the point where I didn’t want to have lunch with the colleague. In this article I will discuss the connection between Millennials and their phones, the need for tech free spaces in the home and my own personal disconnect with technology. 

In this video I discuss the unhealthy attachment Millennials the generation from 1981-1997 and their unhealthy attachment with their cellphones. I have explained the choice to replace sexual intimacy with a digital device and just the general apathetic detachment this generation has taken for all aspect of their life. One thing I did not do in this article was suggest an alternative, which was starting to disconnect more from your cellphone in your personal life, which I obviously feel is the solution to our over reliance on technology. 

HAGUE, MATTHEW . “Stupid homes: Experts suggest people create space without technology.” The Globe and Mail. N.p., 18 Apr. 2017. Web. 12 May 2017. <The Globe & Mail and creating space with out technology>. This article discusses the boundaries of technology from the workplace to the home. The writer of this article is not thrilled with the idea of creating highly technologically reliant homes as opposed to the more traditionally human managed home. The article goes on to mention the scientific research about making space where technology doesn’t dominate the home and how that is linked to lower stress levels. The article defines this current time of technological advancement as an era of addiction.

What has technology done to my life? At this stage in my life technology has taken over my life. Most of my friends only speak to me on the internet, I use my computer to exercise, work, entertain myself and network. It is highly addictive because the power of the internet feels like you legitimately have the world at your fingertips. I mean it is the same rush that had me thinking I would start a wildly successful business in one year, while finding my true love and maintaining old friendships.  The truth is Internet businesses mostly fail, people who date online, are addicted to dating online and those old friendships are dead and because of my inability to accept that I prevent myself partially from making new friends! 

What am I going to do about it? It is way past bed time for my technology, and it is time for it to take a break. I intend to start leaving my cellphone at home when I start my new job because I don’t need to bring this job, to my new job. Then I plan to stop dating, because I don’t even have romantic fantasies anymore, & lastly I plan to make new friends based on my environment instead of having Facebook Messenger friends 2/47. 

Promoted messaging 

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Church Street, Point of Pride? Or Drug addicts & bathhouses?

Ashton Deroy

About this Writer: Ashton Deroy  is 23, Gay, male, living in Toronto and going to School for Business & Marketing at Seneca College.

Church Street, point of pride

Thursday June 1st 2017 will start Pride week in Toronto, this will be the only time of the year I can possibly get Diana Skye to Church street in Toronto. Why won’t she go otherwise to the gay culture hub of Toronto?

For me my worst experience in Church Street begins with a little app the gays call GrindR.

I went there hoping to meet a guy who I met on the app for a booty call. Cause to be honest that is the nature of all meetings from that app. 

As I got to know him and what he was like I learned he was a bit of a sex addict quite obviously and he was inhaling something called poppers.

He offered me some then I declined. After he offered me a hookup, but to be honest I just wasn’t feeling it after I saw the drugs come out and I just went home. This was my personal fright with Church Street. Here are some more notable happenings:


Hudes, Sammy. “Toronto police raid 4 marijuana dispensaries.” Toronto Star. N.p., 29 Mar. 2017. Web. 18 Apr. 2017. <The Star Article >. Sam Hudes wrote this article for the Toronto Sun, This article contains the information about a raid on 4 Marijuana dispensaries in Toronto Ontario. This relates to this article because one of the locations busted was on 461 Church Street, Toronto Ontario. This article proves that on Church Street the LGBT community is experiencing issues with drugs, illegal drug distribution and other crimes that domino from that. This also proves there needs to be police on Church Street, for more than just an occasional raid!

Mann, Arshy. “Toronto councillor wants to enforce bylaw that could shut down almost every LGBT club.” Daily Xtra. N.p., 30 Mar. 2017. Web. 18 Apr. 2017. <Daily Xtra article>. Arshy Mann speculates on weather all of the establishments in Church Street Toronto are properly licensed and a pending law that could shut them down. While saying these bylaws are almost impossible to follow, it is clear from a reader perspective that this is just one of many examples that show regulations on Church Street are not quite as moral as they should be. The article goes on to mention that at this time there are only 40 licensed clubs in Toronto and none of them are on Church & Wellesley.

To conclude, Church street could be a hub for LGBT+ culture in Toronto, but I am begging Toronto OPP to continue to clean this mess up! Read this related article: OPP denied a float at Toronto Pride 2017.


Did Ashton Deroy Brain Wash Diana Skye?

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Eeek Did I brainwash Diana Skye? She was friends with HelloGlamorous first. Before you the reader decides to consider these points on our friendship.

Unfiltered communication– We are both autistic, we have called each other morons. We praise each other too. We just don’t bother hiding our true thoughts. Not to mention we communicated constantly. Joanna communicated very little with her. 

Academic similarities – We both focussed our study on Business

Literature similarities – Diana and I are both writers for a blog we set up together.

To conclude you actually can’t brainwash Diana Skye. She is a highly educated writer, an animal lover and Social Liberal. I think what gets lost is, she is her own person! Furthermore we both have limited filters. We fight all the time… If I brainwashed her she would follow me blindly into manic hell! 

Our friendship in recorded content

I designed & Printed her T-Shirt in this video. 

#LIUB = Light it up blue, Ashton’s Autism Awareness Day interview.

Light it up Blue.png

Written by Ashton Deroy 

Today seems like the perfect day to write on Autism because I just had the interview with Seneca College’s Journalism student Kiavash Golzadeh  for his assignment. This is not the assignment but I thought maybe I would write about some interesting questions I’ve been asked prior about my autism. 

How do you feel about Autistic people presented in Television shows? I feel like people only get to see the low functioning math geniuses. They don’t get to see emotionally complicated autistic people like me or Diana Skye. I think people would be surprised to know that I feel my ADHD has made learning math more complicated. However, I also feel it has made me more focused at athletic activities. 


How do you feel about Autism SpeaksI admire their dedication to making autism more liveable as well as preventing autism in the future. Despite thoroughly enjoying my autistic peers I have wondered since I was a kid, what is it like to live without this brain abnormality? Would I be happier? It is not something you really even consider unless you live with autism yourself. 


What is your biggest fear in coping with your autism? I feel silly saying this but my biggest fear with this autism is ending up alone in life and therefore reverting backward from currently conquered behaviors.  I have no interest in being different, unemployed and rude. I want what anyone else wants, a long-term partner, a career, and my own home.  Despite these ambitions sometimes feeling equal to a kid drawing their future on construction paper. 

This is my piece on living with autism. Feel free to like & Share this blog link on Facebook. 

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Donate to autism Canada by clicking the PNG below, Advocate for higher quality of life! : 

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Check out the Autism Speaks E Commerce page. They donate some profits to autism research. 

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Marijuana, not the smoke-able hero we think it is.


Marijuana, not the smoke-able hero we think it is. (1).png

We underestimate the effects of smoking Marijuana. 

Ashton Deroy writes:Is smoking marijuana really healthy for your? Or is it the same evil as cigarette smoking?  It goes without saying if you smoke anything it emits CO2 which is bad for your lungs. “You could have someone with grade 8 science explain this to you.” 

Since becoming a valid medical treatment pharmaceutical companies have been trying to find preferred ways of delivering THC to the blood stream without inhalation or smoking it. 

Some social cultural problems with marijuana are what most people say about Marijuana “It works better than a controlled narcotic.” Then in the same breathe they will say “Oh and it is not addictive.” That makes no sense, however you can’t rely on the community of toque wearing stoners to provide you with your daily fix of common sense.” 

Community dialogue 

Community dialogue.png

This is the dialogue I had with a smoker Mariah Elise who believed if she smoked it could improve her lung function. However there are produced medical publications provided prove otherwise. 

“Smoking marijuana is associated with chronic bronchitis symptoms and large airway inflammation.” Joshi, Manish, et al. “Marijuana and Lung Diseases.”

“Not all medicinal marijuana is created equal. That’s what some experts are saying as they warn about the health risks and curtailed effectiveness associated with smoking medicine.” – GEORDON OMAND, The Canadian Press

“Inhalation is the fastest way to deliver THC to the bloodstream, which is why patients may prefer smoking an herbal preparation. But while this method of drug delivery works fast, smoking marijuana exposes the lungs to multiple chemicals and poses many of the same respiratory health risks as smoking cigarettes.” Health.Harvard 


Textbook Tar in lungs.jpg

Click the picture to see the source . Smoking creates tar on your lungs which labor.

 Do I think Marijuana inhalation, smoking is good for you?

No, marijuana smoking is as bad or worse than smoking cigarettes. It causes a psychoactive reaction, it numbs pain with more strength than a narcotic.

While smoking marijuana may be a better alternative to a narcotic for benefits of appetite increase, mood changing and the inability to have a fatal overdose. It looks like oral consumption is the safest way to consume marijuana. 

Works Cited

Joshi, Manish, et al. “Marijuana and Lung Diseases.” Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine, vol. 20, no. 2, Mar. 2014, pp. 173-179. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1097/MCP.0000000000000026.

StarBucks: Hiring refugees, Noble deed or sure way to get boycott?

Hiring Refugees .png

Written by Anita Srivastava

People are boycotting Starbucks after CEO announces plan to hire thousands of refugees

After Donald Trump’s executive order of banned citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least the next 90 days and  Starbucks CEO’s announcement to hire more than 10,000 refugees internationally in the few decades appeared a conflict of interests , so visitors of large coffee chain impeded to walk out.

Lots of customers remained tolerant to Howard’s decision while others took action right away. For example, lots of Americans intent on stop spending money at Starbucks. Although café has a special program to support veterans and their families, people still are disappointed because they thought that coffee chain will hire more USA veterans instead of refugees from other countries. Some felt that CEO Schultz was needlessly political in his plan to hire refugees.

Marilynn Randall @emjayr1942


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#starbucks Why don’t you hire the vets instead of refugees who might really ruin your business?  #BoycottStarbucks (Randal)


We put Trump in the White House 

We can Put Starbucks out of business

They want to hire refugees over Americans to go 4 it!


In social networks, lots of people said that Starbucks plan would make harder for American citizens to get positions as company planning to hire around 10,000 in 75 countries around the world.


@CNN @Starbucks I’m sure US citizens that need jobs appreciate ur discrimination against them #DunkinDonutsHasBetterCoffee #BoycottStarbucks. (Slowly)


Jessica Chastain – famous actress and others who stand for Starbucks were inspired by Schultz actions and create their own hashtag — #BuyStarbucks


The #BoycottStarbucks movement makes me want to #BuyStarbucks. Venti latte please. Real Americans believe in liberty and democracy. (Graceful)

Unfortunately, this is not the first time there have been online boycotts against Starbucks. There was another protest based on the political issue in November.

Despite all these protests, Schultz remains calm and confident, to spite to his political rivals.

CEO of Starbucks published a letter to express support for immigrants who are the part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and Mexican workers and customers. The letter states that Starbucks’ policy is to help their workers and provide benefits which would have the option to access health insurance through the company, whether or not the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

“I also want to take this opportunity to announce specific actions we are taking to reinforce our belief in our partners around the world and to ensure you are clear that we will neither stand by, nor stand silent, as the uncertainty around the new Administration’s actions grows with each passing day,” Schultz wrote. (Schultz)


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Social Commentary by Ashton Deroy

“People said they would boycott StarBucks when they applauded the marriage equality ruling in the United States in 2015. However I still see Christians with their Venti lattes. It is a Social sham fabricated by Conservative North America because they didn’t feel like they got their way.

The consumers who really don’t buy StarBucks were not the target in the first place, those who think they are making a stance will probably go back for the quality because it is not about what the company says in a press release.”








Black lives matter having their wish granted to ban police participation in Toronto Pride. This is complete sensationalist crap!

OPP at Pride.png

Written by Diana Skye

 Every summer, the Toronto Pride Parade celebrates the LGBT community. During last year’s event, Black Lives Matter protesters staged a sit in during the parade. They were against Toronto Police being included. Recently the head of Pride Toronto gave into their demands and banned police from next year’s parade. I completely disagree with the decision. This will not help the cause of Black Lives Matter. Toronto has a very diverse police force. Excluding them from the event goes against what Pride stands for.

Black Lives Matter wants to raise awareness about police brutality against people of colour. They claim that police presence at Pride is intimidating. Toronto Police are actually showing their support of the LGBT community. In the past, participating officers waved pride flags and had squirt gun fights with the crowd. Police presence can help people feel safer after events like the Orlando night club shooting. If somebody wanted to cause harm at Pride, law enforcement is already there.

Toronto Police is one of the most diverse forces in North America. Different races and sexual orientations are well represented. The force that once oppressed the community not only supports them, but appreciates their service. Their participation in pride shows the city that LGBT people are just as valuable as everyone else.

Pride claims to celebrate equality. Excluding police officers is a big step backwards. Nobody should feel left out because they serve our community. Gay police officers were very disappointed by the decision. Many of them participated in several parades. Also police participation sends a positive message to LGBT youth: they will have support and protection. There are men and women in uniform just like them. This will make them feel more safe and accepted.

Pride Toronto is making a big mistake by banning Toronto Police. It does not help Black Lives Matter to have them removed. There are many LGBT+ officers employed by Toronto Police. It is wrong to exclude them from the Pride Parade. As an LGBT+ supporter, I still fully support our city and provincial police forces.

Ashton Deroy writes “The Queer community it many cities, townships and communities is starting to feel like a radical group. Before in September 2010 when It Gets Better Project was founded LGBT+ people could not get married in the majority of North America. 

When a gay person died back then it was not a big deal to society to have a few of us be killed, assaulted or etc. Since then the sentiment for North American society on queer people has changed drastically. On June 26th 2015 USA deemed it was unconstitutional to ban same sex marriages. 

In Toronto our LGBT+ people don’t support our police force. In Kingston they were against the military. What exactly is our battle now? As a queer person I no longer understand! 

June 12 2016, was the date of the Orlando shootings. Not too long ago at all. If it were up to me I would have as many OPP at Toronto Pride as Possible, both in the parade and working it. Lets not forget if this is an issue of racial crimes, we have a diverse set of police officers! So stop sensationalizing the issues.”


Until Toronto Pride gives police force the respect they deserve I refuse to purchase from them or benefit their sponsors! 

Pending an information release of Toronto Pride sponsors to our website. 


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Dating with Diana


This article was written and expressed solely for the basis of entertainment.

Today on the Toronto-Businessphere Diana Skye is going to answer some questions around first dates, online dating and what you should allow to happen. Diana Skye is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Josh and she couldn’t be happier.


  1. “If I meet a guy off TindR and he didn’t look like his picture what should I do?” – Anonymous


People usually want to make the best impression on dating sites. They might use their best photo instead of one of their everyday self. Stick around and see how the date goes. He may not be as stunning IRL, but maybe he has a great personality. That being said, if it’s obvious he used another person’s photo that is a problem. It’s almost like stealing somebody’s identity. Call him out on his cat fishing. He will probably have some crazy excuse. Either way, he is definitely not worth your time.


  1. “I met a guy for a date and I suggested a StarBucks coffee. He said it was too expensive and pitched Tim Hortons. Is it right to dump him?” – Anonymous

Not necessarily. He could be having financial struggles, which does not mean he’s not a great guy. It would be petty to lose interest just because of coffee preferences. Try to reach a compromise. Perhaps a small local coffee shop would work well for both of you? If all else fails, Tim Hortons does have good smoothies.


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  1. “A random guy on the street asked me for a blowjob. I was freaked out, what I should do in the future?” – Ashton Deroy

Turn him down politely, but firmly. Then get as far away from him as possible. If he keeps following you and won’t take no for an answer, try to get to a crowded place. I once lost a creepy follower in a mall this way. If you feel unsafe, contact the police once you get rid of him. You might not be his only target.


  1. “A guy on a date said something racist… What should I do next?” – Anonymous

Sometimes people don’t realize their comments could be offensive to others. If you aren’t okay with it, say something. For example, he might have said something offensive about black people. You can respond with something like “Do you really think they are all like that?” If he says yes, tell him it’s just a stereotype and you don’t believe in those. Maybe he will rethink doing it again. If he is rude to you about it, then he is definitely not the right person.



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  1. “I met a guy for a date at a place on Jane & Finch and he was talking big about his drug use and love for guns. Is it wrong to be freaked out?” -Anonymous


Toronto Businessphere.png

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Who wouldn’t be freaked out? You are in Toronto’s worst neighborhood and your date is discussing illegal and dangerous activities. Do you really want a boyfriend who is into those things? If the answer is no, get the hell out of there and do not call him back. If you are completely okay with dating a gun-loving drug addict, I would suggest re-evaluating your life choices. It might be thrilling now, but it will not be worth getting hurt (or worse) in the future.