Three minutes with Trump, The good the bad & the ugly with Ashton Deroy.

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Ashton Deroy Writes: For those who don’t know I do follow Donald Trump on Social media. I think from a historical standpoint people are going to be fascinated in this president. The other reason I follow him is because the News continues to show views of Trump with a Liberal bias without ever listening to Trump’s defense. So what can you take from this his weekly Twitter address featured in the picture above?

  1. Bad: He is doing too many favors for the coal industry. According to McKinsey can outsource 45% of their jobs to automation. So the jobs he says he is re-creating in this sector are dead! At this point he is just doing favors for management involved in coal trade and no one else. It is very unlikely these choices are going to benefit Americans or the next administration in the long run. It may however benefit the GDP!

2.  UglyHe is creating regulations that enforce & almost guarantee poverty! The average American can hold a job for 3.2 years.   However If you immigrate to the country for the job you take & it inevitably falls through. I guess you have 2 years where you could be starving! This is made worse when it is included employers can legally discriminate against race, religion & etc in the country in most states.

3. Good News, Robotics Engineers & operators are now becoming more employable.  Not everything that has been done has been bad under the Trump administration. With Manufacturing returning to the United States if you have a trade in Robotics engineering you are by far more employable now than you were before. The Robotics industry should be expected to book under the current administration. 

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Big Mac Sauce is hitting Grocery stores.

Ashton‘s commentary: This is another article by Anita Srivastava on McDonalds expanded their product lines in to the grocery stores this barbecue season.

Before reading take a look at Anita’s Instagram shot of McDonalds.

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Thank you for the contribution Anita! 

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Big Mac, McChicken And Filet-O-Fish Sauces Coming To Canadian Stores This Spring

McDonald’s sauces join a number of other popular restaurant brands that have made signature dishes and condiments available for purchase in-stores like Tim Hortons and Starbucks both sell their high quality coffee by the bags in grocery stores.

 Barbecue season is coming

The well-known fast food chain McDonalds decided to launch Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish sauces for purchase across the country this spring. Although McDonald’s Canada released a YouTube video showing how to prepare “special sauce,” – a version of the Big Mac – the company thinks that it would be more convenient for customers to just to go to the store and buy it.

“This is part of our continued commitment to giving Canadians more ways to enjoy McDonald’s,” Adam Grachnik, McDonald’s Canada spokesperson. (Racco)

Unfortunately for the corporation, not all people anticipating the sauce, they think it won’t be any “revolution” of summer barbecues this year. Others think it would be a total boom: some Americans got a hold of bottles of Big Mac sauce earlier this year when McDonald’s gave away few thousands of this “godsend” at its restaurants. Additionally, lots of people hawked the bottles for more than 100$+ on eBay.


“And Big Mac sauce is now sold in stores like what the hell how much better can this year get”( — Nicole (@nicole_henderr).


“Big Mac sauce is not just a condiment, it’s an LIFESTYLE! #BigMacSauce is coming to Canada!!! @McD_Canada”`

( Morgan Ryan @Mix967Morgan)


McDonald’s Canada is stepping up their game with all day breakfast and now Big Mac sauce is being put in grocery stores  best day ever (beans @brielleball_)


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Men not adjusting to the job market

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Ashton Deroy writes: Every “Social Justice Warrior” will seemingly tell you “It is a man’s economy in Canada.” 

Social justice warrior: When mentioned on this blog it refers to someone who fights to further an irrational left wing ideal with not thoughts in to economic implications. 

However have you ever stopped to think about the status of under educated men in Canada? Weather it is the teller at the bank, the cashier at a grocery store or the waitress at the diner. The service economy of Ontario is being dominated by women. With our economy moving to suit the female worker where does that leave the men? In this article we will look at family role changes, economic viability & skill set required by men earning over $30,000 yearly. 

Promoted Messaging

Digital business card impressions

Take advantage of social media sales promotion rates: 

Facebook +Instagram Advertising: Labor and sales promotion cost, $72 

Advertising space cost: $200 for target market advertising. 


Family role changes

Bush, Vanessa. “Father Courage: What Happens When Men Put Family First.” Booklist, 15 Mar. 2000, p. 1299. Canada in Context, Accessed 14 Mar. 2017.

In the source What Happens When Men Put Family First . You can see a much needed exploration of the changing roles of men and the different roles a father can have when men challenge the norms to their role. As well as the need for men to be economic providers and noticeable forces in the home. As a personal socio-cultural statement Ashton Deroy says “Men can no longer afford to be the beer drinking dads we see on TV. They have to help out with the home, the kids and the cooking. They can’t afford to be adult children with drinking problems as they are portrayed on TV in inaccurate statements about the middle class family home.” 

Economic Viability 

If you are a under educated lower middle class man, here are a list of job roles you will likely have: 

  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing line worker 
  • Military 
  • Sanitation technician. 

As a man you will likely try to manage this role while splitting the roles in the household, trying to maintain a marriage or common law relationship and handling childcare. 

Cashiers that are women

According to statisticbrain

So according to Stratic  Brain one of the largest companies in the world hires an uneven amount of women in comparison to men for transactional processing.

Skill set required by men for higher earning

  • An education in Business, Technology, or construction 
  • Interpersonal skills for landing job interviews
  • High literacy in English, Mathematics and or systems operation.
  • Driving ability met with a valid driver’s license. 

Community engagement 

Prime-Age men missing from the economy.png

Matt Clarke on tipping.png

Matt’s comment was in regards to men and women working as servers in a restaurant. 

This was Ashton Deroy’s replies. 


You can’t claim the role of women is changing without claiming the roles of men is changing as well. Men have a lot of demands to meet in this changing world in order to meet the demands of the economy, Family roles & skill sets in the work place. Furthermore this writer Ashton Deroy says “I would rather be an under educated female in our Canadian work place than an under educated male.” Chances are an under educated female has a better chance at getting a job, having a home with a family and an actual life. On the flip-side chances are an under educated man is going to have problems with employment and a bad home life. 


Lets talk about the green bottle! Coca-Cola Life product.

Green Coca-Cola Bottles.png

Ashton Deroy writes: When you launch a new product, there is a certain amount of market strategy you put in to it. There is a misconception out there that businesses are created around one target market.

However the truth is big businesses are created around multiple target markets around multiple product lines. With Coco-Cola in Toronto you could say they were beginning to lose us as their beverages including fruit juices still aren’t positioned as something you can consume and live a healthy lifestyle. 

However, in 2013 Coco-Cola Life which may change how you look at this Beverage company.  Anita is going to tell you more about in the the writing below. 

Anita Srivastava writes: What makes Coco-Cola Life different from reduced-calorie or no-calorie drinks? The product is sweetened with actual sugar, as well as stevia extract. Stevia is a green, leafy plant that is native to South America. It has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. The plant (Better than the real thing? Coke’s new ‘life’ plan) has also been bred for its strong, sweet flavor and used as a sweetener. Signs for Coke Life include the word “NEW” inside green leaf.

Coke Life was first launched in Argentina and Chile in 2013, and has spread across other markets including South America, Europe, Britain and the United States. After steady growth in the US, sales declined in the end of 2015, so company decided to create a “regional acceleration plan” which increased sales in further 6 weeks. In Britain was strong start $7.2-million in sales but just a few months later sales fell to about $4 million. In case with Canada:



Ad Narrative: Click the picture above to read the post on this product, send us a letter at and tell us how Steeped Tea should you LGBT+ inclusive messaging. 

Anita Srivastava writes: ” It’s launched globally, but in Canada, not a lot of people know about it,” Mr. Samoszewski said.

Cola’s new strategy is to be more health concerned, consequently it is focused on launching new marketing strategy and is replaced old labels to new one’s which include amount of calories and ingredients.

Analysis shows that consuming of Vitaminwater grew by 3 per cent, while sparkling beverages declined by 1 per cent in North America.

“Consumers are more conscious of what they’re putting in their bodies. We want to be part of that …” Mr. Samoszewski said.

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StarBucks: Hiring refugees, Noble deed or sure way to get boycott?

Hiring Refugees .png

Written by Anita Srivastava

People are boycotting Starbucks after CEO announces plan to hire thousands of refugees

After Donald Trump’s executive order of banned citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least the next 90 days and  Starbucks CEO’s announcement to hire more than 10,000 refugees internationally in the few decades appeared a conflict of interests , so visitors of large coffee chain impeded to walk out.

Lots of customers remained tolerant to Howard’s decision while others took action right away. For example, lots of Americans intent on stop spending money at Starbucks. Although café has a special program to support veterans and their families, people still are disappointed because they thought that coffee chain will hire more USA veterans instead of refugees from other countries. Some felt that CEO Schultz was needlessly political in his plan to hire refugees.

Marilynn Randall @emjayr1942


Tracy's web ad.png

Ad Narrative: (Ashton’s Mom) Tracy’s Summer catalog is here. Click the picture above to check it out!

#starbucks Why don’t you hire the vets instead of refugees who might really ruin your business?  #BoycottStarbucks (Randal)


We put Trump in the White House 

We can Put Starbucks out of business

They want to hire refugees over Americans to go 4 it!


In social networks, lots of people said that Starbucks plan would make harder for American citizens to get positions as company planning to hire around 10,000 in 75 countries around the world.


@CNN @Starbucks I’m sure US citizens that need jobs appreciate ur discrimination against them #DunkinDonutsHasBetterCoffee #BoycottStarbucks. (Slowly)


Jessica Chastain – famous actress and others who stand for Starbucks were inspired by Schultz actions and create their own hashtag — #BuyStarbucks


The #BoycottStarbucks movement makes me want to #BuyStarbucks. Venti latte please. Real Americans believe in liberty and democracy. (Graceful)

Unfortunately, this is not the first time there have been online boycotts against Starbucks. There was another protest based on the political issue in November.

Despite all these protests, Schultz remains calm and confident, to spite to his political rivals.

CEO of Starbucks published a letter to express support for immigrants who are the part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and Mexican workers and customers. The letter states that Starbucks’ policy is to help their workers and provide benefits which would have the option to access health insurance through the company, whether or not the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

“I also want to take this opportunity to announce specific actions we are taking to reinforce our belief in our partners around the world and to ensure you are clear that we will neither stand by, nor stand silent, as the uncertainty around the new Administration’s actions grows with each passing day,” Schultz wrote. (Schultz)


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Social Commentary by Ashton Deroy

“People said they would boycott StarBucks when they applauded the marriage equality ruling in the United States in 2015. However I still see Christians with their Venti lattes. It is a Social sham fabricated by Conservative North America because they didn’t feel like they got their way.

The consumers who really don’t buy StarBucks were not the target in the first place, those who think they are making a stance will probably go back for the quality because it is not about what the company says in a press release.”