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So since our business is in Advertising I thought I would share some of our recent advertising results and what I found interesting about them. These ads both link to run websites. & 

Tea with tracy

Successful Ad: “Love the tea you drink.” Is a very powerful wording to accompany this ad. We are actually trying to tell the audience what they will feel by purchasing some of my mother’s Tea products. This had a higher engagement than the ad below at 3% rounded up. 

What was surprising? Most of the engagement was from males, which was not the intention as the ad was set up to appeal to females. This could be for a variety of reasons including gifting, the fall of hyper masculinity & the LGBT inputs that were put in to the ad targeting. 


Ad 1

Failed ad: Service based promotion targeted towards businesses is difficult to make interesting. I think this advertisement could of been made better by trying evoke some kind of emotion in the audience member who viewed this ad. 

Another fault was we accidentally hit for this promotion to run for 3 days which slowed its exposure on Facebook. 

We also should of focused on our service line instead of the administrators. Part of the reason we did focus on the administrators was because the content running with them on the website was the highest rated content. However a Features & Benefits ad would probably be more effective in the future. 

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Your Privacy on the Web, The positives you don’t know.

Privacy on the web.png

Ashton Deroy Writes: So I watched the The Terrifying Cost of “Free” Websites, by College Humor .

I have to say this a bluntly common designed entertainment video, that this content  deliberately instills a technophobic reaction in the general ignorant masses. What is wrong with this video? It misleads, it does not include protection facts, prominent solutions for less invasive advertising & tools being created for product users. 


Most of Facebook targeting is done by pages you like, Statuses you post & searches you made. In fact jokingly after posting gay statuses you can see the advertisements on Facebook’s side ads change to LGBT targeted ads. 

Advertisers are not going to Facebook & Google buying target customers. In fact sometimes all advertisers are doing is putting out the message and learning more about their user that maybe they didn’t know. For example Toronto-Businessphere is a English speaking Web Publishing business, that did not realize at first that our specific benefit was our language services in delivering a marketing product.

Facebook encourages protection of your Facebook passwords and accounts from employers.

Posted by Facebook and Privacy on Friday, March 23, 2012

From a modern day stand point this is good that Facebook has made this communication because in the modern day employers are granted way too much allowance in regards to your personal communications. They are now able to monitor what you say publicly, gag you from publishing anything about the company & companies honestly would like access to employee private communications. However Facebook stands on the side against your employer being able to have full control over their employee relationships & privacy.

Do not sell personal data.png

Google does not sell your personal profile. They sell your data algorithms to advertisers who might be relevant to your interest. This is a common practice by Publishers prior to Google. Google just revolutionized the process. Sadly what people think is Google has a picture of you and they are selling you to people. Which is not the reality of what they are doing. 

After analyzing the services, you can actually see Google is protecting their proprietary information at a much higher level than Facebook. 

Prominent solutions for less invasive Marketing

Okay after doing some research I can say maybe we do take too much information from users on tools like Google & Facebook. The general feeling for users of those tools can even sometime be that they are getting too much of their proprietary information out voluntarily. 

Banner ads – These are a bit of an older method for digital marketing but publishing ads on related websites, common interest websites of their customers. Make sure these ads are set up by the website creator though & not an automated system as that still uses data mining tools to target ad campaigns to specific users based on inputted or mined data that the user submits. 

Video Marketing – Creating video content and growing your community around that on YouTube & WordPress.

Point of sale print outs -This can include flyers, Coupons, business cards & signage. All of which can help boost your sales on location and are not invasive ways of marketing. Refer to Vista Print

.com setup – This is all the user data I get from my .com here on the Businessphere. None of it was involuntarily obtained &  It has no user specific interests. Rather it allows me to see my highest rated content, where click through come from and where the website has the most hits geographically. Data.png

Tools from Search Engines & Social media 

Social media customer service

Social media based customer service is going to make the contact center world better for the workers & the customers. No longer will you have to sit on a telephone to wait for your resolution. You will be able to get your resolution on your time with Social media based customer service.


Product information.png

Not sure which cab company to use? Or what $700 PC performs the best at its price point? You are going to Google it for the information to see which is the highest rated product in the price point.

Suicide intervention.png

Facebook provides Resources & advice on suicide intervention.

Collaborative technology.png

Google Drive offers data to back up files, share leads and collaborate on research or creative work. This software has basically made Microsoft obsolete from work from home marketers, publishers, researchers & shop owners. This will probably be the staple software of the future work from home people.

Diana Skye sent Ashton Deroy these random Questions. This is how he answered.

Facebook Q&A .png

18 Random Facebook Questions 

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?

Fried Rice, one of my favorite student meals. 

2. Where was your profile picture taken?

At Seneca College in North York. Click here to see

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Marijuana, not the smoke-able hero we think it is.


Marijuana, not the smoke-able hero we think it is. (1).png

We underestimate the effects of smoking Marijuana. 

Ashton Deroy writes:Is smoking marijuana really healthy for your? Or is it the same evil as cigarette smoking?  It goes without saying if you smoke anything it emits CO2 which is bad for your lungs. “You could have someone with grade 8 science explain this to you.” 

Since becoming a valid medical treatment pharmaceutical companies have been trying to find preferred ways of delivering THC to the blood stream without inhalation or smoking it. 

Some social cultural problems with marijuana are what most people say about Marijuana “It works better than a controlled narcotic.” Then in the same breathe they will say “Oh and it is not addictive.” That makes no sense, however you can’t rely on the community of toque wearing stoners to provide you with your daily fix of common sense.” 

Community dialogue 

Community dialogue.png

This is the dialogue I had with a smoker Mariah Elise who believed if she smoked it could improve her lung function. However there are produced medical publications provided prove otherwise. 

“Smoking marijuana is associated with chronic bronchitis symptoms and large airway inflammation.” Joshi, Manish, et al. “Marijuana and Lung Diseases.”

“Not all medicinal marijuana is created equal. That’s what some experts are saying as they warn about the health risks and curtailed effectiveness associated with smoking medicine.” – GEORDON OMAND, The Canadian Press

“Inhalation is the fastest way to deliver THC to the bloodstream, which is why patients may prefer smoking an herbal preparation. But while this method of drug delivery works fast, smoking marijuana exposes the lungs to multiple chemicals and poses many of the same respiratory health risks as smoking cigarettes.” Health.Harvard 


Textbook Tar in lungs.jpg

Click the picture to see the source . Smoking creates tar on your lungs which labor.

 Do I think Marijuana inhalation, smoking is good for you?

No, marijuana smoking is as bad or worse than smoking cigarettes. It causes a psychoactive reaction, it numbs pain with more strength than a narcotic.

While smoking marijuana may be a better alternative to a narcotic for benefits of appetite increase, mood changing and the inability to have a fatal overdose. It looks like oral consumption is the safest way to consume marijuana. 

Works Cited

Joshi, Manish, et al. “Marijuana and Lung Diseases.” Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine, vol. 20, no. 2, Mar. 2014, pp. 173-179. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1097/MCP.0000000000000026.

PTSD developed at Belwood Lodge & Camp.

Why Not work for Belwood.jpg

Written by Ashton Deroy 

Belwood Lodge & Camp is a summer camp for autistic people This could be a really great idea if the needs of their lodgers weren’t so high and their staff wasn’t under qualified. 

Where is Belwood Lodge & Camp? 

Belwood Lodge & Camp.png

Are you thinking about a hard working summer job at Belwood Lodge & Camp? Maybe double think that decision. Initially you have to wonder, why is this camp hiring unqualified people who simply have CPR & AED training for camp positions working with special needs people? Furthermore why are they considering hiring 16 year olds to begin with given the needs of their camp. As I get in to this article, the story only gets worse. 

Simply put after I left Belwood Lodge & Camp after a full summer working there. I had PTSD! What contributed to this? Well I can’t place all the liability on the camp, some blame does goes to them. For example not allowing their workers to get the appropriate amount of sleep before accommodating special needs people all day in the burning sun. That I blame them for. However I do blame my ex partner Christopher Rudan as well who was majoring in psychology of gender studies, sexuality and addiction who was also creating a hostile environment for me in my relationship whilst I was at the camp.  

The camp only gets worse from there. You usually worked 2 weeks straight at a time before you got a weekend off. The two weeks feels like torture considering the demands for the job. To their credit the camp prevents people from drinking and smoking pot on their campsite. Unfortunately, there are not enough safety precautions put in to protect the workers. Which in many cases are 16-18 year old kids with no substantial care qualifications. 

The dangerous disabilities of the campers range from needing assistance to bare their own weight, schizophrenia, Fragile X and more aggressive disorders as well. This is not a job suitable for kids transitioning from High School to college accademia. Rather than providing needed industry experience it provides trauma that people need professional mental help to recover from. 

Why just hear my opinion, look at the job reviews on as well. Click the picture below . Administrators wrote most of the positive reviews so that is sketchy… 

Dangerous experience.png


The camp job was fun but far away.png


In March 2017 if Belwood Lodge & Camp tries to get you to take a job just say no. Save yourself from making under minimum wage for a job with demands that are far too high. Personal call outs towards administration include James Lortie for being a straight up dick to exhausted workers, Alix Oats for siding with her friends exclusively on work issues and Hailey Thatcher who is not qualified to carry, distribute and administer medicine. 

They wrote me up, I wrote them up. It gets really personal with James Lortie and Hailey Thatcher. Consider this my write up for you two idiot dick heads who NEARLY KILLED ME! 


Seriously if this camp is investigated I did society a favour. 

Businessphere is on break + articles summary.


We actually just made this picture as something silly then we decided to post it to the blog. What are we talking about today? Well to start we wanted to announce for the month of February our goal is to let the blog go dormant well Ashton Deroy focuses on school + Personal life and Diana Skye will focus on pursuit of career. 

Here are some of the articles we posted around the 6 business environments. I wanted to share the 5 best articles posted to the website. Click underlined text to view articles

  1. The video forum – Contains audio information covering the commuter problem in Toronto, Waste Privatization and the competitive advantage of personalized marketing with #TeganTuesday as our example. 
  2. The commuter problem article This covers the problems facing mid to low income workers relying on Toronto TTC. 
  3. Dating with Diana – Purely an article for entertainment purposes. Dating with Diana is a social commentary on how dating in Toronto sucks! 
  4. Happy Customers – A look back at customers satisfied with Businessphere advertising. 
  5. Black Lives Matter controlling Toronto Pride– We right in the favor of our men, women, LGBTQ and minorities serving with Canada’s finest on the OPP police force to cater to a radical social group. 

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#TeganTuesday Social media Interview with Tegan Colp.

Tegan Tuesday Blog.png

Click the picture above to link to Scribner’s Auction in Alberta and #TeganTuesday. 

This interview was conducted over Facebook Messenger. 

Contacts/sales leads, Financial return on investment and brand recognition. This is the bottom line for setting Advertising objectives, the tactic on the other hand is where the fun comes in. In this interview for the Businessphere, I am going to talk to Tegan Colp she runs the #TeganTuesday Facebook campaign for Scribner Auction located at 1235 1 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta T9W 1G9. Thank you for joining me Tegan, here are 5 questions I wanted to ask you in regards to your campaign.

Tegan’s responses are in quotes and italicized.

What were three things leading to the success of Tegan Tuesday Tegan?

Persistence, perfectionism, and being different every week. And yeah for sure!”

What was the advertising execution before you?

Just general picture advertising.  With the occasional video.”

How do you measure the success of your ads?

By the amount of views, Shares are a really good measurement, but I always feel more accomplished when a video has lots of views.”


AD Narrative: There are still plenty of packages for Entrepreneurs, professionals and Businesses to check out to get involved in a growing business blog in Toronto Canada.

Take advantage of our exclusive offering for $650 to run our next show January 20th 2017. Or February 17th 2017. 

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What do you hope your ads change about Scribner’s auction moving forward?

I hope to bring a younger demographic to the auction. I’m hoping by being current in social media, it will attract a new generation.”.

What is a common social media advertising error you advise against?

Don’t forget the who, what, when, where, or why.”

Thank you for joining me Tegan Colp, I look forward to your future content.

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Tegan Colp.png