The Space Between Us Movie review, Purchased via Google Play.

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Ashton Writes: The Space Between us is a Sci-Fi & Romance movie about the first human being born on Mars traveling to earth.  Asa Butterfield plays the male lead Gardner the first person ever born on Mars, who is a heart in his sleeves romantic with some social abnormalities from his birth’s circumstances which the movie portrays really well. 

The female lead is Britt Robertson who plays Tulsa. One of the first things I like about this film is unlike older movies Britt gets more of the bad ass role opposed to the male lead being the the cool character. Tulsa’s character is a foster child with an intense amount of street smarts who I find is neccescary to capture the adventure the two characters have in the film. 

In the film the two characters start of chatting on their computer systems. Then Gardner travels to earth and disappears for 7 months. This of course pisses off Tusla’s character and she almost can’t even tolerate Gardner when she sees him again. 

The movie really plays out as a fantastic adventure with the two characters getting to more trouble then you would initially expect. In the end you expect the climax you get to some degree but getting there is so fantastic and wonderful. 

I 100% reccomend this movie if you are a fan of romantic movies or Sci-Fi movies. I do not think this movie will disappoint its targetted audience at all. Which is why for my first Google Play Movie Review I will give this movie five stars. 

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Church Street, Point of Pride? Or Drug addicts & bathhouses?

Ashton Deroy

About this Writer: Ashton Deroy  is 23, Gay, male, living in Toronto and going to School for Business & Marketing at Seneca College.

Church Street, point of pride

Thursday June 1st 2017 will start Pride week in Toronto, this will be the only time of the year I can possibly get Diana Skye to Church street in Toronto. Why won’t she go otherwise to the gay culture hub of Toronto?

For me my worst experience in Church Street begins with a little app the gays call GrindR.

I went there hoping to meet a guy who I met on the app for a booty call. Cause to be honest that is the nature of all meetings from that app. 

As I got to know him and what he was like I learned he was a bit of a sex addict quite obviously and he was inhaling something called poppers.

He offered me some then I declined. After he offered me a hookup, but to be honest I just wasn’t feeling it after I saw the drugs come out and I just went home. This was my personal fright with Church Street. Here are some more notable happenings:


Hudes, Sammy. “Toronto police raid 4 marijuana dispensaries.” Toronto Star. N.p., 29 Mar. 2017. Web. 18 Apr. 2017. <The Star Article >. Sam Hudes wrote this article for the Toronto Sun, This article contains the information about a raid on 4 Marijuana dispensaries in Toronto Ontario. This relates to this article because one of the locations busted was on 461 Church Street, Toronto Ontario. This article proves that on Church Street the LGBT community is experiencing issues with drugs, illegal drug distribution and other crimes that domino from that. This also proves there needs to be police on Church Street, for more than just an occasional raid!

Mann, Arshy. “Toronto councillor wants to enforce bylaw that could shut down almost every LGBT club.” Daily Xtra. N.p., 30 Mar. 2017. Web. 18 Apr. 2017. <Daily Xtra article>. Arshy Mann speculates on weather all of the establishments in Church Street Toronto are properly licensed and a pending law that could shut them down. While saying these bylaws are almost impossible to follow, it is clear from a reader perspective that this is just one of many examples that show regulations on Church Street are not quite as moral as they should be. The article goes on to mention that at this time there are only 40 licensed clubs in Toronto and none of them are on Church & Wellesley.

To conclude, Church street could be a hub for LGBT+ culture in Toronto, but I am begging Toronto OPP to continue to clean this mess up! Read this related article: OPP denied a float at Toronto Pride 2017.


Promotional selling

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Ashton Deroy writes: While studying chapter 17 of McGraw Hill’s Marketing Connect. I was taking notes on sales promotion methods and I thought I might write a blog on my experience in this industry. 

Back in 2015, a classmate at Loyalist College said to me, “You would be great in sales promotion.” What I didn’t realize was at the time this actually meant. “You would be great in low-paying roles that back execution of campaigns but not actually strategizing them.” 

So over the years, I worked sales promotion campaigns for Dove, Shaw Cable, Rogers Communications, T-Mobile, and my own B2B campaigns on Facebook.  

Strengths to using sales promotional reps: Friendly faces, higher persuasion rate, Voices register more with the brain than print. Consumers sometimes don’t mind chitchatting in stores they are already in!  On T-Mobile we had advertisements promote the B2B deals and my role was just to activate SIM Cards. That type of strategy is much more effective than telemarketing. 

Weaknesses of Sales promotion reps: It instills a culture of everyone’s will can be bent to a product. In the cases of Shaw Cable & Rogers Communications using Telemarketing through S&P Data actually caused a bit of un-calculated, unrecorded statistics on brand damage. 

Below are the chapter 17 notes of Marketing Connect. Download the PDF by clicking the text below: 


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Small Business = Big pressure!

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Written by Ashton Deroy: Small Businesses are currently defined in Canada as Businesses with under 100 employees. With that in mind we should define a micro-business as a business with under 20 employees. 

A lot of people think if you work in a small business this takes away your pressure for high performance and professionalism. When in fact your small team and close knit relationship with your boss probably in fact demands a higher performance not less! 

While people may think it is okay to express stress by exhibiting bad attitudes at work. The fact of the matter is in a small business setting the quarters are much too tight between a boss and the employees to display that kind of behavior. As a result this cliche proves that you need to perform higher in a small business rather than lower. It goes to show Starter companies are not the kickback, feet on the table kind of businesses people expect them to be! 

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Higher stakes when employees under perform. 

Personal Capital at stake– Take it from Ashton Deroy an ex employee of two small businesses. When the boss has personal equity in the business and they know their ass is on the line. They are far more likely to care when you screw up! Far less likely to show sympathies bigger companies have the benefits of showing.

Running a small business is serious and if they have gotten the business to self-sustain you can bet the spent a lot of money to get there. I have worked for an ex Health food store in Brighton Ontario which has shut down and Willow’s Publishing on commission. Those were to examples of the most anal bosses I have ever had! 

Pressure to keep up – If you are the new guy on a 5-20 person team. You can start your job with your foot half way out the door because the first 3 months will make you or break you. Now is the time to shine, or pack your shit. Dangers of entering a business clique like this is working against the waves in motion, haunting productivity or going against the business culture. Your best hope is to assimilate and find your place in the business. 

Pressure to prove you are worth the cost – In a small business every puzzle piece has to fit. If you can’t prove you are worth the money, save the business money or generate revenue. You are out the door. 

To conclude weather you are the employee of a small business or the owner. There are a lot of pressures in play when use real money to self-start a real business. If you look to fit in to the small business culture prove you are a good investment, keep up at the job and prove you are worth every dime in your new job. If you don’t you will just be the guy who used to work for the small business company. 



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Roma Rorssf Seneca Student Federation President statement

 Campaign poster.jpg
What are your qualifications? “My qualifications are that I’ve been on the recreation council, varsity softball team, I’ve been a mentor to two Seneca freshmen student via the SMILE program and I’ve even founded my own business. I’m very passionate about leadership and involvement and this suits me well for the position.”
What are the duties of the Seneca Student Federation President? The duties of SSF president are student advocacy, both at the school and at a provincial level. Duties include the general managent of the SSF. It’s up to the president to be a voice of guidance to the SSF for the benefit of students. 
What do I plan to accomplish? This answer varies from campus to campus, and group to group, but overall I intend to improve the level of customer service that students recieve, the marketing for events so that people are more aware of events, and better customization. 
Food statement: Many people are interested in better food options at their campus, more mental health awareness and a reduction of a $40 fee to early childhood education students who are mandated to pay for a booklet offered by the ministry that they could have printed off the internet for free. These are just some of the challenges that I’ll look at tackling as president. 

Thank you, and I hope to meet many of you on campus! 

Personal Shopping: Orange Theory Fitness Toronto Information

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(416) 800-9551

The gym was promoted to me at:

Based out of Fort Lauderdale Florida, Orange theory fitness is the next big thing to happen to the Canadian fitness world. Is Toronto ready to burn that extra weight? Make their beach bodies? Or just get in to fighting shape? Tomorrow I call Orange Theory Fitness for consumer questions we might all have around the following?



Vote Viktoriia Kovalchuk for SSF vice president. 

Ashton Deroy asks the hard hitting questions to Orange Theory Fitness on March 5 2017. On March 5th Ashton Deroy called the location on Younge & Eglinton where he was unable to connect with Lindsay at reception.  On March 6th 2017 Ashton Deroy personal shopped a rate with Orange Theory Fitness. 

What is the Month to month Price? Twice a week $19 current sales offer. The reason they recommend twice a week is to get the best results while adjusting your body to the physical demands of this intense 1 hour workout. 

What do you mean by “burning calories for up to 36 hours.” ? For recovery after the workout you burn calories for up to a 36 hour recovery period. 

What makes this one hour workout different? The intensity, group environment, cardio and weight exercises. 

Strengths: Press attention, Friendly staff

Weaknesses: Inbound sales via telephone, they really should have a digital inbound system.

Opportunities: they can take the fitness market share by using radio and social media marketing. 

Threats: They miss their inbound sales calls, Do not return calls effectively.


8 hours to return a sales lead call! 



Poland, I love you but hate your government: an open letter to my parents’ home country

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Dear Poland.png

Dear Poland,

When I was younger, I spent several summers visiting you. Some of them were more difficult than others, but I had great moments. I always enjoyed walking through the Skwer Kościuszki and playing in the sand at the Sopot beaches. The best blueberries I ever had grew in my aunt’s garden. It’s safe to say you gave me some great memories.

Something that I always had an issue with was the religious extremists, particularly those who listen to Radio Maryja. This radio station was started by a priest and most of the listeners are old people in rural areas. It has been accused of homophobia and antisemitism among other things. Also the priest has given bad sex advice although he’s supposedly celibate. It claims to be “the Catholic voice in your home” but even the Vatican has said they are deeply concerned about Radio Maryja.

I know every country has amazing people as well as horrible ones. Even Canada has its prejudiced idiots. So I did what I do here: not take them seriously and laugh at some of the dumb crap they say. My close relatives all think these people are stupid. Surely most of Poland did too, right?

At least that’s what I thought until a government supported by Radio Maryja came into power. Since then, you have been slowly going backwards. The new government wanted to ban all abortions, even though the abortion law is already among the most restrictive in Europe. (Can only be performed in cases of rape, incest, deformed fetus, or when the mother’s life is in danger) Thankfully this new law did not pass. However there is a law that did pass and it negatively affects me.

Even though I was born in Canada, I am the daughter of a Polish citizen. Therefore I have had Polish citizenship since I came into this world. I used to have a Polish passport, but it expired when I was twenty. I did not bother to renew it since Poland does not require visas from Canadian citizens. The last time I visited was four years ago and I had no troubles. Now the idiots in power have decided to change this. If I go back, I cannot leave without a Polish passport. I would be stuck in the country for three months during the application process.

I think this is ridiculous. I have never lived with you and do not consider myself a citizen. I now have several choices and hate all of them. One is to get a Polish passport, which would be time consuming and cost money. Another would be to risk it and try to get out through Germany, hoping border controls are not in place. There is also getting stuck and hoping the Canadian Embassy can help me out somehow.

If it were not for potential inheritance, I would get rid of my citizenship. It would be $600 and require a long drive, but I would have no future concerns. I would be just another Canadian visitor once again. My dad lost his citizenship decades ago due to political reasons. At this point, I almost envy him.

I did not want it to come to this. I have several relatives in your country that I adore. I do not think you are a bad place. In fact, you came a long way after communism fell. However, the direction that you are going in makes me sad. I really want things to change for the better, preferably soon. Until then, you will not be seeing me for a while.

Lots of love,


Sassy City Girl: Why I prefer Cafes to bars



Written by Diana Skye: Toronto has many bars, especially downtown. However, I seldom go to them. Even as a college student, I spent my evenings reading at home instead of downing shots at a bar. I much prefer going to cafes. The atmosphere is much calmer. Many cafes offer a variety of food and drinks at reasonable prices.

Here at the Businessphere we can match Stylists to professional clientele using web based advertising. 


Diana Skye is our beauty, makeup and stylist advertising consultant who has put hundreds of hours into researching beauty based advertising. 

At bars, people have a tendency to consume a lot of alcohol. It can become very loud, especially when there is a sports event on TV. Not to mention that I don’t enjoy drunk creepy guys hitting on me. Cafes are more relaxed, even when they are crowded. People tend to chat amongst themselves while sipping caffeinated drinks.  

Bars are known for alcoholic drinks and fried foods. Those are not things I want to consume every week end. In fact, I have only had about three hangovers in my entire life.Cocktails can also be quite expensive, at almost ten dollars each. Cafes usually have a great selection of both hot and cold drinks.Even if you are not much of a coffee drinker, you can find other options like herbal tea. Cafes also have great food choices like sandwiches and pastries. Whether you are trying to eat healthy or treating yourself, you will find something you can enjoy.  Bars can be noisy, full of drunk patrons, and alcoholic drinks are usually expensive.

I really enjoy cafes because they have a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of food and drink options. My ideal afternoon includes stopping in a local cafe to enjoy a tasty beverage.  Here are some of my favourite cafes in different parts of Toronto:

Downtown: Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor Street W, west of Bathurst) As the name suggests, this cafe has a variety of board games. There are also card games. In addition to the usual cafe fare, they have sandwiches and salads. Would highly recommend Snakes and Lattes if you want to make plans with friends downtown.

 Uptown: Dufflet (2638 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton) If you like pastries, you will love this cafe. They are well known for their cakes and cookies. I love their cupcakes, especially the double vanilla and pink velvet. There are also the usual hot and cold drinks along with light lunch options.

 East end: D Spot (51 Lebovic Avenue, near Warden and Eglinton) Along with espresso drinks, this Scarborough cafe has many organic loose leaf teas. If you fancy something cold, they have milkshakes and smoothies. They also excel at food options, with a variety of crepes and waffles.  

West end: Coco Bakery (225 The East Mall, north of Dundas) This Etobicoke cafe specializes in European speciality foods, including delicious desserts. I personally recommend the macarons and cakes. They also have excellent espresso drinks and tea.

How to give your business a competitive advantage?

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Audio summary :

Diana Skye, recommended I write an article on this for our blog how do you give your business a competitive advantage? 

It actually is not that difficult although you have people slaughtering the formula consistently. 

First of all promote what you are selling, minimum once a day. Maximum until they accuse you of spamming! 

Promoted messaging 

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If you are paying sales & promotional workers on commission you are an idiot because they aren’t putting in time. They are looking for other work… The second part of this is buying people’s time. Everyone’s time is for sale. Right now in Ontario it is opportune because you can buy someone’s time for $12 an hour. Just buy the time.

Lastly to get a competitive advantage, advertise. Not because it will generate hundreds of sales in one day. It will generate contacts, inbound leads and awareness. Some of that you can’t define with a variable price. So advertise.  Don’t just use automated advertising services like Twitter, Facebook, and etc. Get some deals going with content creators. Get them to promote your stuff, because some people who are in business, they can’t create web content. However plenty of people can, so just use them. 

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