3 things that are a waste of money for under motivated people.

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Written by Ashton Deroy: The worst thing I hear people express is “I am too lazy to do that.” It is especially concerning when these people move in to commitments, spending money & setting up goals. If you are one of those people who think it is a miracle just because you got out of bed this morning, then this blog probably can save you a lot of pains in the A**. Here are some things for you to avoid spending your $$$ on dumb***! 


Gym Memberships

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The nature of a gym membership is you pay a bi-weekly fee to gain access to a gym, their services and exercise equipment. Anyone who works in this industry will tell you the fitness life style starts in their facilities! “What a load of crap!?!” You don’t pay for the gym membership and magically become motivated to workout. 

Deadly Appeal: Sales reps act like a gym membership is a cure for obesity & laziness.

When I had one of these memberships it was literally because working out at home after work would wake my entire house up. Exercise begins with self-management. Doing push ups, sit ups, squats and yoga. All of which you can do aided by a video, not expensive gym equipment. If you can’t even hit play on an exercise video though… Don’t bother with the gym membership!

Avoiding this will save you about $70 a month or a $100 cancellation fee. 


Home businesses 

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It doesn’t matter if you are starting an E-Commerce shop from home or signing to work with Avon. Selling takes a lot of work, rejection & motivation! So maybe a home business is not for you… The facts are most of them do not break even, create web presence & connect with contacts. 

Deadly appeal: It is appealing to think you can make $$$ from home before you even get in your morning shower. 

Sadly though if you don’t intend to create an aggressive sales or marketing strategy you are better off not doing this. So much for opportunity, when it comes to sales based businesses. You are way better off sticking to needs based products like Insurance, Web design & graphics. 

Avoiding this could save you $30 a month minimum. 



Why does smoking come in this list? Well what this doesn’t share with the others is this is one thing you don’t usually approach to make your life better! However the deadly appeal greatly targets sedentary people. 

Deadly appeal: Smoking does not require a lot of effort & comes with social acceptance. 

The really bad downside is,


According to the open U.S. Medical journal smoking & a sedentary lifestyle is linked to cognitive deterioration as well as a great deal of medical issues. However there are no long term benefits to smoking so why start? Or why continue? This is the one thing on the list you rarely approach in an effort to make your life better. Unless you are one of those idiots that believe they are treating their mental health with a bong! 

(despite evidence piling up that smoking adversely affect cognitive function.

Quitting smoking could save you $1,500 a year. 


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Toronto’s Commute Problem

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Three years ago I had a job in downtown Toronto for a few months. I told several people that while I loved working downtown, I hated the commute. It involved taking the subway, which was crowded and often delayed. I spent at least two hours a day commuting. This is not unusual, since the average commute time in Toronto is 65.6 minutes each way. About 49% of commuters drive, while 44% use public transit. Both ways of commuting are challenging in Canada’s largest city. It causes problems not just for commuters, but Canadian businesses.


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has many problems. The Scarborough RT is very old and needs to be replaced. City council has debated on many ideas for years. The latest is a one-stop subway that costs billions of dollars. Events like that are a frequent occurrence: public transit plans getting debated a lot and no actual work is done. Even after construction begins, there are frequent delays and financial issues. The Line 1 subway extension was supposed to open last year. It has been delayed until the end of 2017 and was more expensive than budgeted. Bombardier has delivered far fewer new streetcars than expected.




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Another problem with the TTC is that it can be unreliable. On several occasions, I have waited about half an hour for a bus on a major street. I seldom take the streetcar while downtown since it is not much faster than walking. My downtown commutes were prolonged by emergency alarms being misused. I also do not like the old-fashioned transfer system. You can only use a transfer right away on a bus at the same intersection. I have only seen this in one other Canadian city: Belleville. It is understandable in a small city with less than ten bus lines. However, it does not work well in Toronto. Many times I wanted to stop at Starbucks on my way to school or work, but couldn’t afford two fares. A time-based system would mean lost revenue. However, it would reduce commuter frustration.


The issues with public transit result in more people driving to work. However, that is not much easier. A recent study showed that among the twenty busiest roads in Canada, ten are in the Greater Toronto Area. Sitting in traffic for a long time can use up a lot of gasoline. This means higher fuel costs and more air pollution. Many of Toronto’s highways were built over fifty years ago when the population was much lower. This includes the 401, DVP, and Gardiner, which are most often used to commute.

Non-Profit space donation:

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TransCare is a non-profit organization that helps support disabled persons, people with illness and elderly keep their homes in Toronto. Get involved by Donating Now.


Longer commutes have a large economic impact. According to a 2013 study, Toronto businesses lose about 1o billion dollars annually due to gridlock. There need to be improvements made to public transit so fewer cars are on the highways. Solutions need to be implemented right away rather than debated several times at city hall. An easier commute will reduce stress and increase productivity. This will benefit businesses and employees in the long term.