TTC You said it campaign parody

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Ashton writes: So if you have been on the TTC recently you have probably seen their ad campaign “You said it.” The ad campaign designed to shame riders with bad behaviors with sourced tweets. 

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Well, I decided I will parody that campaign with some tweets you probably won’t see on the TTC subway anytime soon! Yeah I plan to make this a regular thing, so please feel free to tweet me at Ashton4321 on or Instagram me something about TTC at AshtonQBE. 

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Sassy City Girl parody .png

That actually happened to me commuting to Eglington West. It was actually scary how wrong the driver was in this situation because he was rushing an elderly man. Is Toronto supposed to be accessible? I think we are missing the mark! 

TTC you are talking and I am listening and replying. Bring it on!

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Small Business = Big pressure!

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Written by Ashton Deroy: Small Businesses are currently defined in Canada as Businesses with under 100 employees. With that in mind we should define a micro-business as a business with under 20 employees. 

A lot of people think if you work in a small business this takes away your pressure for high performance and professionalism. When in fact your small team and close knit relationship with your boss probably in fact demands a higher performance not less! 

While people may think it is okay to express stress by exhibiting bad attitudes at work. The fact of the matter is in a small business setting the quarters are much too tight between a boss and the employees to display that kind of behavior. As a result this cliche proves that you need to perform higher in a small business rather than lower. It goes to show Starter companies are not the kickback, feet on the table kind of businesses people expect them to be! 

Promotional Messaging

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Higher stakes when employees under perform. 

Personal Capital at stake– Take it from Ashton Deroy an ex employee of two small businesses. When the boss has personal equity in the business and they know their ass is on the line. They are far more likely to care when you screw up! Far less likely to show sympathies bigger companies have the benefits of showing.

Running a small business is serious and if they have gotten the business to self-sustain you can bet the spent a lot of money to get there. I have worked for an ex Health food store in Brighton Ontario which has shut down and Willow’s Publishing on commission. Those were to examples of the most anal bosses I have ever had! 

Pressure to keep up – If you are the new guy on a 5-20 person team. You can start your job with your foot half way out the door because the first 3 months will make you or break you. Now is the time to shine, or pack your shit. Dangers of entering a business clique like this is working against the waves in motion, haunting productivity or going against the business culture. Your best hope is to assimilate and find your place in the business. 

Pressure to prove you are worth the cost – In a small business every puzzle piece has to fit. If you can’t prove you are worth the money, save the business money or generate revenue. You are out the door. 

To conclude weather you are the employee of a small business or the owner. There are a lot of pressures in play when use real money to self-start a real business. If you look to fit in to the small business culture prove you are a good investment, keep up at the job and prove you are worth every dime in your new job. If you don’t you will just be the guy who used to work for the small business company. 



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Men not adjusting to the job market

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Ashton Deroy writes: Every “Social Justice Warrior” will seemingly tell you “It is a man’s economy in Canada.” 

Social justice warrior: When mentioned on this blog it refers to someone who fights to further an irrational left wing ideal with not thoughts in to economic implications. 

However have you ever stopped to think about the status of under educated men in Canada? Weather it is the teller at the bank, the cashier at a grocery store or the waitress at the diner. The service economy of Ontario is being dominated by women. With our economy moving to suit the female worker where does that leave the men? In this article we will look at family role changes, economic viability & skill set required by men earning over $30,000 yearly. 

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Family role changes

Bush, Vanessa. “Father Courage: What Happens When Men Put Family First.” Booklist, 15 Mar. 2000, p. 1299. Canada in Context, Accessed 14 Mar. 2017.

In the source What Happens When Men Put Family First . You can see a much needed exploration of the changing roles of men and the different roles a father can have when men challenge the norms to their role. As well as the need for men to be economic providers and noticeable forces in the home. As a personal socio-cultural statement Ashton Deroy says “Men can no longer afford to be the beer drinking dads we see on TV. They have to help out with the home, the kids and the cooking. They can’t afford to be adult children with drinking problems as they are portrayed on TV in inaccurate statements about the middle class family home.” 

Economic Viability 

If you are a under educated lower middle class man, here are a list of job roles you will likely have: 

  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing line worker 
  • Military 
  • Sanitation technician. 

As a man you will likely try to manage this role while splitting the roles in the household, trying to maintain a marriage or common law relationship and handling childcare. 

Cashiers that are women

According to statisticbrain

So according to Stratic  Brain one of the largest companies in the world hires an uneven amount of women in comparison to men for transactional processing.

Skill set required by men for higher earning

  • An education in Business, Technology, or construction 
  • Interpersonal skills for landing job interviews
  • High literacy in English, Mathematics and or systems operation.
  • Driving ability met with a valid driver’s license. 

Community engagement 

Prime-Age men missing from the economy.png

Matt Clarke on tipping.png

Matt’s comment was in regards to men and women working as servers in a restaurant. 

This was Ashton Deroy’s replies. 


You can’t claim the role of women is changing without claiming the roles of men is changing as well. Men have a lot of demands to meet in this changing world in order to meet the demands of the economy, Family roles & skill sets in the work place. Furthermore this writer Ashton Deroy says “I would rather be an under educated female in our Canadian work place than an under educated male.” Chances are an under educated female has a better chance at getting a job, having a home with a family and an actual life. On the flip-side chances are an under educated man is going to have problems with employment and a bad home life. 


Market Research & Execution strategy for Digi-Connex

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The below PDF and Google DOC file is an early execution of Ashton Deroy’s business Research & Marketing Report for Digi-Connex & Toronto-Businessphere. 

Please feel free to check out the file, make edits and send academic or business critiques to, or to my messenger account

Research Summary

This document is a secondary research piece and theorized target information for Digi-Connex publishing customers. This documents will cover, Who are the target clients? What are our readers doing online? What are the best way to traffic digital publications moving forward. This document will also theorize executions to strengthen are market share and profits to $500 by 2018.

PDF: WordPressliveMarketResearchDOC

DOC: WordPressliveMarketResearchDOC

Google Doc

Roma Rorssf Seneca Student Federation President statement

 Campaign poster.jpg
What are your qualifications? “My qualifications are that I’ve been on the recreation council, varsity softball team, I’ve been a mentor to two Seneca freshmen student via the SMILE program and I’ve even founded my own business. I’m very passionate about leadership and involvement and this suits me well for the position.”
What are the duties of the Seneca Student Federation President? The duties of SSF president are student advocacy, both at the school and at a provincial level. Duties include the general managent of the SSF. It’s up to the president to be a voice of guidance to the SSF for the benefit of students. 
What do I plan to accomplish? This answer varies from campus to campus, and group to group, but overall I intend to improve the level of customer service that students recieve, the marketing for events so that people are more aware of events, and better customization. 
Food statement: Many people are interested in better food options at their campus, more mental health awareness and a reduction of a $40 fee to early childhood education students who are mandated to pay for a booklet offered by the ministry that they could have printed off the internet for free. These are just some of the challenges that I’ll look at tackling as president. 

Thank you, and I hope to meet many of you on campus! 

Sassy City Girl: Why I prefer Cafes to bars



Written by Diana Skye: Toronto has many bars, especially downtown. However, I seldom go to them. Even as a college student, I spent my evenings reading at home instead of downing shots at a bar. I much prefer going to cafes. The atmosphere is much calmer. Many cafes offer a variety of food and drinks at reasonable prices.

Here at the Businessphere we can match Stylists to professional clientele using web based advertising. 


Diana Skye is our beauty, makeup and stylist advertising consultant who has put hundreds of hours into researching beauty based advertising. 

At bars, people have a tendency to consume a lot of alcohol. It can become very loud, especially when there is a sports event on TV. Not to mention that I don’t enjoy drunk creepy guys hitting on me. Cafes are more relaxed, even when they are crowded. People tend to chat amongst themselves while sipping caffeinated drinks.  

Bars are known for alcoholic drinks and fried foods. Those are not things I want to consume every week end. In fact, I have only had about three hangovers in my entire life.Cocktails can also be quite expensive, at almost ten dollars each. Cafes usually have a great selection of both hot and cold drinks.Even if you are not much of a coffee drinker, you can find other options like herbal tea. Cafes also have great food choices like sandwiches and pastries. Whether you are trying to eat healthy or treating yourself, you will find something you can enjoy.  Bars can be noisy, full of drunk patrons, and alcoholic drinks are usually expensive.

I really enjoy cafes because they have a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of food and drink options. My ideal afternoon includes stopping in a local cafe to enjoy a tasty beverage.  Here are some of my favourite cafes in different parts of Toronto:

Downtown: Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor Street W, west of Bathurst) As the name suggests, this cafe has a variety of board games. There are also card games. In addition to the usual cafe fare, they have sandwiches and salads. Would highly recommend Snakes and Lattes if you want to make plans with friends downtown.

 Uptown: Dufflet (2638 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton) If you like pastries, you will love this cafe. They are well known for their cakes and cookies. I love their cupcakes, especially the double vanilla and pink velvet. There are also the usual hot and cold drinks along with light lunch options.

 East end: D Spot (51 Lebovic Avenue, near Warden and Eglinton) Along with espresso drinks, this Scarborough cafe has many organic loose leaf teas. If you fancy something cold, they have milkshakes and smoothies. They also excel at food options, with a variety of crepes and waffles.  

West end: Coco Bakery (225 The East Mall, north of Dundas) This Etobicoke cafe specializes in European speciality foods, including delicious desserts. I personally recommend the macarons and cakes. They also have excellent espresso drinks and tea.

3 effective, low cost business softwares

3 effective, low cost business softwares.png

Written by Ashton Deroy

If you are in sales, event management or marketing in general. You need to be utilizing all of your software resources to the best of their abilities. 


Avoid communications dinosaurs.png

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To do this, start coming up with problems and looking for software solutions. 

  1. Collaboration software – Don’t use an email back and for system. It is archaic and annoying and no one is on the same page. You need to use Google Drive to Synchronize your teams on important projects. 
  2. Meetings and voice messaging – For really important conversations I am starting to record video messages on SnapChat. 
  3. Customer acquisition and events promotion – Facebook & Instagram are still the standard to handle this. 


3 Software applications your business needs to have in the digital sphere.


Ashton Deroy writes: Working in the digital sphere is not easy, it is not a one day job and done. Welcome to work, if you work one day or heck if you work one hour a day your business will be buried alive in the cluttered free market! 

What do you need to do to stay on top of the digital sphere? Glad you asked, Clicked through and or cared enough to want to make real money for your business. 

If you are running the Marketing and sales for your business you need the following software to stay on top of the game: 


Shopify Software is a must have for your digital business. Why must you have this software? Lets check out some of the features and benefits:

  • They can help you list with Amazon
  • Shopify eliminates the high need for personal selling (but you still should) 
  • Shopify adds your service/product line to your website to keep your pricing top of mind. 


Digi-Connex .png

Ad Narrative: Email to get started on developing your web presence. 

Unlike most Marketers I list transparent pricing to fairly bill clients. I figure if people know my listed prices I eliminate a barrier between me and the customer. 


What is Microsoft office? I ask everyone who is trained in”Who cares.” software. Why do you need Google Drive? 

  • Free storage
  • Free use of word, ppt and spreadsheet software 
  • Collaborative technology need in every marketing space

If you are using anything else. STOP! Your sales teams, Marketing teams and everyone who is not handling private information needs to be using this. 

WordPress logo .png

I am not on Google analytics because I don’t need to be… I measure all my Websites with WordPress ratings. What else benefits me with this software? 

  • Manages web hosting + Domain in 1 easy place. I know some people don’t like having all their eggs in one basket. For the benefits I have had as a 3 year long user I am okay with it. 
  • I can see what blogs drive traffic 
  • Convenient easy to use upgrading. For business emails, Business domains and business level web templates. 

If you don’t know your Websites IP hits, you can’t sell advertising on it! “Period”. 

Send us your thoughts! We love getting engaged with the community. 


Toronto’s Commute Problem

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Photo shared from Ken.Keny on Instagram:


Three years ago I had a job in downtown Toronto for a few months. I told several people that while I loved working downtown, I hated the commute. It involved taking the subway, which was crowded and often delayed. I spent at least two hours a day commuting. This is not unusual, since the average commute time in Toronto is 65.6 minutes each way. About 49% of commuters drive, while 44% use public transit. Both ways of commuting are challenging in Canada’s largest city. It causes problems not just for commuters, but Canadian businesses.


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has many problems. The Scarborough RT is very old and needs to be replaced. City council has debated on many ideas for years. The latest is a one-stop subway that costs billions of dollars. Events like that are a frequent occurrence: public transit plans getting debated a lot and no actual work is done. Even after construction begins, there are frequent delays and financial issues. The Line 1 subway extension was supposed to open last year. It has been delayed until the end of 2017 and was more expensive than budgeted. Bombardier has delivered far fewer new streetcars than expected.




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Another problem with the TTC is that it can be unreliable. On several occasions, I have waited about half an hour for a bus on a major street. I seldom take the streetcar while downtown since it is not much faster than walking. My downtown commutes were prolonged by emergency alarms being misused. I also do not like the old-fashioned transfer system. You can only use a transfer right away on a bus at the same intersection. I have only seen this in one other Canadian city: Belleville. It is understandable in a small city with less than ten bus lines. However, it does not work well in Toronto. Many times I wanted to stop at Starbucks on my way to school or work, but couldn’t afford two fares. A time-based system would mean lost revenue. However, it would reduce commuter frustration.


The issues with public transit result in more people driving to work. However, that is not much easier. A recent study showed that among the twenty busiest roads in Canada, ten are in the Greater Toronto Area. Sitting in traffic for a long time can use up a lot of gasoline. This means higher fuel costs and more air pollution. Many of Toronto’s highways were built over fifty years ago when the population was much lower. This includes the 401, DVP, and Gardiner, which are most often used to commute.

Non-Profit space donation:

Trans Care.jpg

TransCare is a non-profit organization that helps support disabled persons, people with illness and elderly keep their homes in Toronto. Get involved by Donating Now.


Longer commutes have a large economic impact. According to a 2013 study, Toronto businesses lose about 1o billion dollars annually due to gridlock. There need to be improvements made to public transit so fewer cars are on the highways. Solutions need to be implemented right away rather than debated several times at city hall. An easier commute will reduce stress and increase productivity. This will benefit businesses and employees in the long term.