Update on my open letter to Poland

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Diana Skye writes:

Note: this post is an update on my open letter to Poland. If you haven’t read that, I would encourage you to do so. You can find that here:

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About six months ago, I published an open letter to Poland. It was about how I still love the country but am frustrated with their current government. They have been trying to implement backwards policy changes like a total ban on abortions. They are also supported by extremist Catholic radio station Radio Maryja. The event that inspired me to write the open letter was a ridiculous policy change that personally affected me. I have a Polish citizenship but my Polish passport expired over seven years ago. Therefore, I couldn’t travel there unless I wanted to risk getting stuck in the country for weeks. My only other options were a new passport or canceling my citizenship.

In this update, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that things have not gotten any better in Poland. The government continues to make crappy decisions in spite of many protests. I keep hoping for some dramatic event that will cause a government change or at least put the country back on the right track. It’s highly unlikely, but a girl can dream. I know that major progress doesn’t happen overnight. I don’t expect marriage equality or widely available abortions anytime soon. However, I would like Poland to be moving into this century instead of back to the mid-1900’s. They were doing well just a few years ago before the current government came to power.

The good news is that my dilemma has been solved. In my open letter, I mentioned the only reason I was keeping my citizenship was to prevent inheritance issues. Since then, my dad has done some research. It turns out that Poland charges the same amount of inheritance tax regardless of citizenship or residency. Since that is not an issue for me, I am now completely fine with canceling my citizenship.

I am very relieved by this turn of events, even though it’s not without drawbacks. I still have to save money and go to the consulate, but I will be able to do it by the end of the year. The process can take up to two years and I still can’t go to Poland within that time. Silly government doesn’t care if you are in the process of cancellation. You are still a citizen until it’s official. Still I am happy that I have figured a way to get out of this weird limbo.

I will always wish nothing but great things for Poland. In the mean time, I will be glad to get my personal troubles resolved. I do want to visit my family in Poland in the future. Therefore I am very happy to have found a solution that does not involve hoping for the best, traveling to another Schengen country, or asking the Canadian embassy to rescue me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update.

3 things I would love to hold the mass media accountable for. Bias, Fear Mongering and Lying!

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  1. Bias– To hold favor of one party over another. Media outlets write in favor for one political party or the other. To not state that they do so before their article release is to not claim your bias which is wrong. This is often an evil of Liberal mass media.
  2. Fear mongering– To deliberately arouse fear or distrust in the public. We see this all the time in Conservative media pieces. This is their evil!
  3. Lying – Deliberately misleading the public to fit their own agenda.

Examples of each

13 examples of Donald Trump being Racist by Huffington Post Lydia O’ConnorDaniel Marans – It is less compelling but what if we changed the title to 13 examples of Donald Trump using freedom of speech. Lets not forget the core values of conservatism are free speech, financial sustainability and preserving tradition. 

Trudeau will buried us in debt! by Toronto Sun – Buried us, kill us and put us underground “no doubt”. The title is purely designed to create fear in people to make them read this Conservative article. What does article have really when you look at it? The article states a large debt that the Liberals should take responsibility for. Wait I take accounting class in college and what this article fails to mention is weather our country has a net loss or net gain factoring our revenues from global trade.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_wealth – This is where we rank in national wealth people #8. Don’t panic businesses take on debt all the time. Coco-Cola has debt!

Republicans Gloat after Kicking Martin Luther king out of the white house by New Century Times – Donald Trump just myth busted their asses today!


For you racist, Prejudice Liberals. Yep you exist… Trump has a big support from African Americans. So throw away your CNN stats. I don’t care!

Want to make a real impact online? Throw away the Newspaper and start an independent blog!

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Network, Engage & Advertise


Thank you trevorflanny from Instagram who provided our new header image. Excellent photograph of the city. Sharing this image is an example of Businessphere’s objectives to Network, Engage & Advertise within the city of Toronto. 

Network, Engage & Advertise

What do we mean? Well Networking is defined as linking with professionals to further one’s career. Engaging has to do with our goal to talk with our readers, commenters and even critics.  Advertising, is our ultimate stream of revenue on the web, our goal is to sell to a few exclusive advertisers in order to eliminate problems of publishing clutter and grow our reach within the community of Toronto. 

We are not even going to keep communications strategy a secret, we love engaging with people in #Toronto. We will engage most likely on the platforms of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & WordPress. 


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What is our value? 

Think of us as Social media Journalists, writers and Business experts.For main staff Diana would love to work in content writing in an ad agency. Ashton’s goal is to work in Government Communications in some shape or form. 

The value of our actual platform is uncluttered ad exposure, the option for exclusive advertising exposure and opting to use the sales & technological experience of Diana Skye & Ashton Deroy. 

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