Liberal Political Rant: Climate Change gets ignored again!

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It did not take much guess work at all to calculate that when Republicans got the United States majority they also brought the USA to hell with that. Say goodbye to progressive social programs, positive environmental initiatives as well as positive programs to help the massive United States student debt. 

Say hello to phrases like “Global Warming is a myth.” As the country proceeds government administration being run by the dumbest leader in the recent two decades. 

On June 2nd 2017 Donald Trump decided not to sign the G7. One of many moves that have the public turned against this not so great leader. 

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This photo from the Guardian Newspaper website says it all. Trump is a Climate disaster! His actions at the G7 were an embarrassment and he is choosing to not unify the United States with the rest of the progressive world in an environmental time where you don’t have to look that hard to see drastic changes happening. Changes like, record heats, rising shorelines, and animal extinctions. 

One thing that isn’t touched on enough is non-voters, are just as much to blame as voters in the United States for electing such a moron to speak for their country. Back during 2016, I couldn’t believe when I read the statistics for Trump on his way to closing a victory in the United States election. This wasn’t a surprise. The voter pool narrowed because voters wouldn’t get behind Clinton’s campaign or personality, Bernie Sanders was inspirational but couldn’t contend with power & no one really matched his status going into this election. 


As it relates to Canada 

So when a Conservative/Republican wins you basically have to say goodbye to rational thought and sanity in how your country is run. Get ready to see the country operate under lacking budgets, with overly western religious values & a poor plan to tackle anything environmental. 

Now honestly, as it pertains to the next Canadian election do we really want that type of leadership opposed to Kathleen Wynne? No, we don’t because our minimum wage is going up, environmental companies are growing as they should and we are protecting Canada’s natural resources to the best of our economic ability. So nevermind what has happened, if you don’t want Canada ran like the United States of America with “Donald Dumbass!” . Make sure Kathleen says Premiere, and avoid Patrick Browne like the plague! 

Consequence if Patrick Browne wins? We get a dumbass who will actually share a common value system as Donald Trump. Someone who will knock climate change, be stingey with the budget and screw up health care! 

Press citations 

Ballingall, Alex. “Trudeau disputes German magazine report that he feared ‘provoking’ Trump on climate change.” The Star. N.p., 12 June 2017. Web. 12 June 2017. All I grabbed from this article was the photo.

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Global Security chit chat & cool Business Management assignments.


Ashton Deroy Writes “I heard this morning about the attack that left 5 dead near British Parliament from 680 News. This is deeply saddening and tragic news that we are still facing these acts of hate in 2017.”

It takes a special kind of lunatic to say “I am going to make a statement of defiance by killing people with my car!” If you really feel that defiant don’t join a cult movement. Take up drinking… Like normal people!”Satirical commentary on the above event. 

Diana UK.png

Diana & I talk.png

Diana Skye writes: I was very saddened to hear about what happened in London. While there have been terrorist attacks all over Europe in recent years, the UK was largely spared from them. It just goes to show you are never completely safe from these heartless and selfish terrorists.

Even in Canada there have been attacks, notably the one in Ottawa in 2014 and the incident Ashton and I discussed above. That was when a terrorist attacker wielding a knife went into a military recruitment centre in Toronto and stabbed two soldiers. He also attempted to stab Ashton’s aunt who worked there. Fortunately none of the injuries were serious.

My thoughts go out to London and everyone affected by such senseless attacks.

Organizational Culture Study for Business Management Class. 

Ashton Deroy Writes Now to move on to some cool Business School assignments I wanted to share with Blog readers.

What is Organizational Culture? According to works cited in the PDF Organizational culture is defined as,  A set of values, beliefs & attitudes possessed by employees of a company.

The major players we found in Organizational culture were:

    • Terrence Deal and Allan A.Kennedy  – They proposed one of the first models of organizational culture. Terrence was a University professor at the University of California.
    • Eric Sinoway – A writer who writes boldly for Harvard Business Review that top performers who hurt employee culture should be fired.
    • James Wolfensohn – A former investment banker who said re-staffing management roles was the best way to change organizational structure in a company.

Biography on Eric Sinoway,%20Inc.,%20Inc.

Biography on James Wolfensohn

Biography on Allan A.Kennedy

Below is a PDF on Organizational Culture.

Organizational Culture


One cool thing I found on the work for successful Organizational Cultures, is that they have a lot of affirmative action. A company wants to cut out the cancers so that the life that is the company can live with the highest quality. Alot this statement stems from the investment banker James Wolfensohn’s work in organizational culture structure in the investment banking section of finance.

On thing a professor repeats to me consistently is this. “You can’t soar with eagles, when you fly with chickens.” I apply this to work relationships, friendships & choice of romantic partners.

I have seen what being passive gets you from years of watching loved ones get screwed over by toxic relationships, friendships & relatives. So why bring that crap to work?